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Medical Inventory Management Software Systems

Medical Inventory Management Software Systems

MicroMD PM - Medical Practice Management Software

MicroMD® PM is a powerful medical practice management software system available through Henry Schein, North America’s largest distributor of healthcare products and healthcare services to office-based practitioners.

As an award winning, medical practice management system, MicroMD PM is currently utilized by thousands of medical and surgical practitioners across North America including specialty practices, multi-specialty groups, billing services and Community Health Centers, among others.

Henry Schein offers MicroMD PM as a Client Server or Web-based option.  We will host your data at our site, enabling you to access it remotely, and freeing you from the cost of maintaining servers and backup recovery systems. MicroMD PM is a comprehensive, scalable, full-featured package that is easy to learn and will accommodate the needs of any growing practice in virtually any specialty.

Adaptable Medical Practice Management Software

MicroMD PM has been successfully utilized by myriad medical and surgical specialties confirming that this is one of the most adaptable medical practice management software systems available.

Whatever your area of medical expertise (including specialty practices with unique requirements); you can easily adapt this medical practice software to accommodate your medical or surgical specialty.

MicroMD Mobile

Another powerful feature of this unique medical practice management software system is that it is also mobile. Now you can access your patient information from virtually anywhere using a tablet PC or hand held device. Control system access also offers advanced security plus you can set your own security levels.


The MicroMD CHC module is an affordable medical practice management software solution designed for use by Community Health Centers (CHC), Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) and community health practitioners who face specific management, billing and USD reporting challenges.

Integrate Your Medical Practice Management Software with 3rd Party Applications

In order to help you expand your medical practice management options, MicroMD PM has an open architecture which allows it to easily interface with a wide range of third party services such as clearinghouses, payers, laboratories, data management, collections, hospital systems and more! The MicroMD PM database is ODBC-compliant, and applications such as Crystal Reports, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and other third-party tools can easily interface to the database.

MicroMD PM also integrates with MicroMD EMR to offer a comprehensive clinical workflow and business management solution for practices, community health centers and billing services.

Practice Management Software Features & Benefits

MicroMD PM is an affordable medical practice management software solution, yet it offers comprehensive suite of services including:

Scheduling Ease
With MicroMD PM, scheduling and managing appointments and patient visits is easy plus you can view appointments by day, week, location or provider. Maintain patient waiting lists and alerts; monitor referrals, pre-certifications, appointment histories, etc; plus customize certain practice parameters as required.

Simplified Billing
Streamline your billing operations with MicroMD PM. This intuitive practice management software system allows easy access to all financial transactions including charges, payments, refunds, aging, etc.

Claims Submission & Management
This medical practice management software system offers fully integrated medical claims submission and management capabilities giving you added control over the entire process.

Accounts Receivable Management & Collections
Cross platform data sharing and web-based services allow for real time, paperless accounts receivable and management so you’ll have more control over your AR and collections.

Management, Financial & Administrative Reporting
Advanced reporting features allow this medical practice management software solution to generate hundreds of reports that monitor service delivery, discover potential trouble in billing, or simply save time on repetitive reporting tasks.

To request more information on MicroMD PM, the most versatile medical practice management software on the market, or to request a demonstration, call 1-800-624-8832 or visit the website at

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