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Chemistry Point-of-Care

Chemistry Point-of-Care

Fast, Accurate Lab Results from Abbott Point-of-Care

The promise of quality health care is delivering patients the care they need, when they need it. The direction of that care is often determined by lab services that require fast, accurate, and hassle-free results. Recent surveys show that 77% of patients prefer lab services on-site, and 67% would drive up to 20 minute for a clinic with on-site lab services.

On-site lab services help you deliver real-time treatment recommendations, making your practice or facility a “one-stop shop” for point-of-care diagnostics—and increasing patient satisfaction and patient care.

Henry Schein Medical is proud to offer two comprehensive CLIA-waived diagnostic products from Abbott Point-of-Care that allow you to test, diagnose, and treat patients in the same visit. Abbott offers a large menu of relevant CLIA-waived blood tests that easily integrate into your existing lab and CLIA certificate of waiver—with minimal disruption to your lab workflow.

For a live demo on the i-STAT® Handheld System or the Piccolo Xpress® Chemistry Analyzer, please send an e-mail to and include your:

  • First and last name
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i-STAT-Handheld blood analysis system

i-STAT® Handheld System

Real-time, lab-quality results in minutes—not hours. The advanced, easy-to-use i-STAT® Handheld is an advanced, easy-to-use blood analyzer operating with the advanced technology of single-use i-STAT® test cartridges. Together, they create the i-STAT® System, a blood analysis system delivering the information health care professionals need to rapidly make treatment decisions, which may lead to enhanced quality of care and improved system efficiency.

(Refer to the i-STAT® 1 System Manual for precautions, limitations, and hazards.)

Benefits include:

  • Speed. With components of a full-scale lab in each cartridge, results occur in minutes.
  • Accuracy. A unique combination of biosensors and calibrants deliver high-quality results.
  • Reliability. Single-use cartridges reduce many of the problems inherent in multi-use systems.

Product Details and Ordering

Piccolo Xpress Chemistry Analyzer

Piccolo Xpress® Chemistry Analyzer

Three steps, 12 minutes. With the Piccolo Xpress®, that’s all you need to expand your on-site diagnostic capabilities. This portable chemistry analyzer allows health care practitioners to perform routine multi-chemistry panels using 0.1cc—only three or four drops—of whole blood, serum, or plasma. The menu features 31 blood chemistry tests that range from liver, kidney, and metabolic functions to lipids, electrolytes, and other specialty analytes. These 31 tests are conveniently configured into 16 completely self-contained reagent discs—11 of which are CLIA-waived.

Benefits include:

  • Speed. Add the sample, insert the reagent disc, and in approximately 12 minutes receive a report suitable for the patient file or transferred to a computer, printer, or LIS/EMR.
  • Ease. The Piccolo Xpress® is a fully automated system requiring no special operating skills.
  • Exclusivity. The Piccolo Xpress® offers the only CLIA-waived comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP) blood test on the market. According to the Journal of Urgent Care Medicine, the CMP is the most ordered blood test in urgent care facilities.
  • Accuracy. The device self-calibrates with each run and the onboard continuous intelligent Quality Control (iQCT) monitors the analyzer, reagent reactions, and sample to ensure chemistry and instrument integrity.

Product Details and Ordering