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Medical Tape

Purchasing the right medical tape products for your practice is important. Here at Henry Schein we offer premium quality products. We believe it’s important for you to find the right types of medical tape for all your procedural requirements and clinical application needs.

Medical Cloth Tape

Can easily be ripped without the use of scissors. A strong durable adhesive, which leaves the bare minimum of adherent residue on the skin.

Purchase Medical Cloth Tape

Henry Schein Cloth Surgical Tape

Medical Paper Tape

Recommended for sensitive skin, it’s perfect for surgical wounds. The light weight allows comfort and a free range of motion.

Purchase Medical Paper Tape

Henry Schein Paper Surgical Tape

Medical Transparent Tape

Easily ripped and adheres to the skin, perfect use for IV catheter sites. The tape stretches, allowing mobility when connected to equipment where necessary.

Purchase Medical Transparent Tape

Dukal Transparent Surgical Tape

Medical Water Proof Tape

Keeps its adhesive properties even after washing with soap and water. Perfect for therapy and taping up areas surrounded by moisture.

Purchase Medical Waterproof Tape

3M Waterproof Tape

With a variety of medical tape products, we offer a great assortment of tapes ranging in different lengths and widths for every application need. We have full lines of cloth, paper, waterproof, transparent and trainer medical tapes, including latex and hypoallergenic free.

Medical Tape Manufacturers

The Henry Schein Medical online catalog has hundreds of premium quality medical tape products from top of the line manufacturers.

With its network of reliable trusted advisers, Henry Schein prides itself for delivering the right product at the right price at the right time. Henry Schein product offerings provide high quality items with the best prices to fit any budget. Shop Henry Schein’s medical website today!

For any questions regarding our medical tape products on the Henry Schein Medical website, click on request for info and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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