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Infection Control Products, Supplies, & Solutions

Infection Control Products, Supplies, & Solutions

infection control and infection prevention

Infection Control & Prevention Solutions — InControl

Awareness of risk factors and the responsibility to protect yourself and others is key to reducing illness and the spread of infection. Everyone visiting, staying in, or working in a health care facility is at risk of acquiring an infection. As a health care worker, you may be at higher risk of exposure to many different contamination sources.

In addition, health care providers must comply with health and safety regulations established to protect patients and staff. Henry Schein Medical offers the following resources, educational materials, and supplies to help support your infection prevention and control programs and activities.

Henry Schein Brand Infection Control Products

Henry Schein Brand provides top-quality medical gloves, personal protective equipment (PPE), and infection control solutions.

Our products are meticulously crafted to ensure quality and safety. From comfortable medical gloves for optimal barrier protection to advanced PPE for hazard prevention, we prioritize your well-being and that of your patients.

Choose Henry Schein Brand as your trusted partner in infection control. Explore our products today and experience the difference in maintaining a safer healthcare environment.

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Infection Control Resources

Reducing the spread of illnesses and infectious diseases is critical to operating a safe health care facility. Henry Schein Medical provides infection control and prevention resources to ensure you’re compliant within the following four areas:

  • Hand Hygiene: Correctly washing your hands is critical to avoiding disease transmission. From best practices to protocols for measuring compliance, discover a variety of resources to build and maintain good hand hygiene.
  • Instrument Reprocessing: Preserve the safety and well-being of your patients and staff with a comprehensive instrument reprocessing function. Get log sheets, decontamination guidelines, and more to bolster your infection prevention and control program.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Minimize your exposure to biological, chemical, radiological, and physical hazards with proper PPE. Check out our mask guidance and training documents to ensure you are effectively utilizing PPE.
  • Surface Disinfecting: Make sure you are properly disinfecting surfaces in your facility. Dive into more information about surface disinfectants and ways to enhance your cleaning processes.

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Infection Control and Prevention Educational Materials

From OSHA compliance checklists to webinars covering infection prevention topics, explore our compilation of valuable educational materials to kickstart or enhance your infection control and prevention programs. Our lineup of educational materials includes:

  • OSHA Compliance Information: Grab your HIPAA Audit and OSHA Audit Checklists to ensure your facility is compliant with reporting requirements.
  • Supplier Partner Webinars: From the operating room to long-term residential rooms, expand your infection prevention knowledge for each area of your facility with Diversey webinars.
  • Clinical Articles: Gain insights into reducing the risk of antimicrobial resistance.
  • External Resources: Quickly search external resources from the CDC, OSHA, PDI Infection Prevention, and more.

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Infection Control and Prevention Products

Get the cleaning supplies and equipment you need to protect your staff and patients from illnesses and infectious diseases. From soaps and sanitizers, to ultrasonic sterilizing solutions, Henry Schein Medical sources a full selection of cost-effective infection control and prevention supplies.

From generic products to the brands you recognize, rely on Henry Schein Medical to keep you stocked with reliable supplies, including:

  • Hand Hygiene: Shop a variety of soaps, sanitizers, and surgical scrubs for good hand hygiene practices.
  • Instrument Reprocessing: Explore solutions for cleaning, sterilizing, and testing your surgical instruments.
  • PPE: From nitrile gloves to disposable gowns, we offer a wide selection of PPE you can rely on in every situation.
  • Surface Disinfecting: Find a variety of wipes, sprays, and floor cleaners to combat the toughest surface bacteria.

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