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Blood Collection Tubes  Needles and Lancets

Blood Collection Tubes Needles and Lancets

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Blood Collection Tubes, Blood Collection Needles and Lancets

Henry Schein offers a comprehensive selection of brands and Henry Schein private brand medical products including, blood collection tubes, blood collection needles, blood lancet and other blood collection supplies.

We carry several different types of blood collection tubes and supplies manufactured by leaders in the industry such as BD™, Covidien, Terumo® and many more.

Types of Blood Collection Tubes and Supplies

Any phlebotomy technician would attest that laboratory supplies such as blood collection items, cups, vials, tubes, and advanced laboratory equipment are essential products in operating a competent practice. To assure ease in laboratory proceedings, Henry Schein continuously revises and upgrades all stock in order to bring you the latest in laboratory supplies including, but not limited to:

Capillary Blood Collection and Venous Blood Collection

Capillary blood collection involves piercing the outer layer of the skin to access capillary beds which cycle through the hypodermic layer of the skin. Venous collection is the practice of extracting blood from the vein in order to conduct lab tests. This blood is usually cooler than arterial blood and has lower oxygen content and pH levels. Henry Schein offers a wide variety of capillary blood collection and venous products such as:



The BD™ Vacutainer® venous collection consists of the Push Button Blood Collection Set designed to help protect you and your practice from needlestick injuries. The Vacutainer® Blood Collection Tubes, both plastic and glass, are engineered to reduce specimen spillage. The Safety-Lok™ Blood Collection Sets and the Eclipse™ Blood Collection Needles feature a patented shielding that allows for one-handed activation to cover the needle instantly upon withdrawing blood from the vein.

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Blood Collection Needles - Henry Schein Medical

Safety Lancets

Henry Schein

Henry Schein’s sterile Safety Lancets are finger activated, making them easy to use. The needle retracts automatically after use and cannot be reloaded. All devices are color coordinated to distinguish the gauge size of the lancet.

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Safety Lancet - Henry Schein Medical


Covidien ®

The Monoject® blood collection set from Covidien® contains the Angel Wing™ Safety Transfer Sets and Blood Collection Sets with Needle Holders, which transfer blood specimens from syringes. The Monoject® Blood Collection Tubes and Blue Stopper Blood Collection Tubes are non-silicone coated tubes used for laboratory procedures. All Monoject® supplies are used for routine venipuncture and infusion applications

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Venus Blood Collection Sets - Henry Schein Medical

For any questions regarding our blood collection products or other products available on the Henry Schein Medical website, request for info and we will gladly be able to assist you and your practice.

In most cases, blood specimen collection tubes and most other medical stocked supplies can be shipped same day with a 99% fill rate. When shopping for your practice’s venipuncture and blood collection supplies think Henry Schein, we have competitive prices for all your application needs.

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