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Casting Tape — Fiberglass Casting & Soft Casting

Equip your medical facility with premium quality casting tape and ther medical casting supplies from Henry Schein Medical. We carry all of the patient-friendly casting tape and products necessary for orthopedic applications including kid’s designer casting tape!

Henry Schein online medical supplies store includes durable, strong orthopedic casting supplies from top manufacturers like 3M™ Medical, BSN Medical, Covidien, Brown Med™ and more.

Henry Schein Casting Tape and Cast Padding

Henry Schein Medical is the most convenient resource for finding and purchasing the casting tape and supplies you need at some of the industry's competitive prices. Not only do we carry products from many of the most reputable names in the industry, Henry Schein also has a private brand label for casting products.

Henry Schein Fiberglass Casting Tape

Fiberglass Casting Tape
Henry Schein

The fiberglass mesh polyurethane formulation casting tape is engineered to resist impact and moisture. The casting tape is easy to unroll, making it versatile for all orthopedic applications. Ranging from 2' to 4' yard rolls, it comes in a variety of colors such as purple, green, blue, black, white and red.

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Henry Schein Cotton Cast Padding

Cotton Cast Padding
Henry Schein

Made of non-sterile cotton fibers, this cast padding provides a safe environment under a hard cast and a comfortable feel for the patient. Allows patients to swim, shower, or bathe. The padding repels water, dries rapidly, retains consistency under wet or dry conditions, and conforms to all body contours. Works with synthetic or plaster casting material.

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Henry Schein Unna's Boot Medicated Paste Bandages

Unna Boot Medicated Paste Bandages
Henry Schein

The Unna's Boot Medicated Paste Bandages is a cotton gauze compression bandage specially formulated with a zinc-oxide emulsion. It is used for treating venous leg ulcers, edema, and dermatitis as well. The Unna Boot soothes inflammation and rashes. When it dries, it forms a semi-rigid cast, providing support.

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Fiberglass Casting Tape

For customers who need orthopedic casting tapes, we offer a variety of fiberglass casting tape. Our fiberglass casting tape provides cast technicians with the best products to provide fracture management care to patients. We also offer a complete line of cast padding and other complementary products. Our fiberglass casting tapes come in various colors, lightweight and durable are several benefits of a fiberglass casting tape with the handling ease of plaster.

When you need to purchase casting tape, cast padding or other orthopedic and sports casting supplies, look to Henry Schein Medical. We provide a large selection of products at competitive prices.

Not only do we offer competitive prices, we also have a customer loyalty program. As a Henry Schein customer, your practice will receive exclusive benefits when you sign up for PracticePRIVILEGES. Enroll in PracticePRIVILEGES to start money-saving offers and unique discounts for your practice.

For any questions regarding our casting tape or casting supplies on the Henry Schein Medical website, request for info and we will gladly be able to assist you and your practice.

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