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Suture Removal Kits

Suture Removal Kits

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Surgical Sutures and suture Removal Kits and Wound Closures

Henry Schein provides excellent patient care with our cost-effective, high-quality suture removal and surgical suture supplies from 3M™ Medical Products, Busse Hospital Disposables, Covidien, Henry Schein and other respected industry manufacturers.

We are your one-stop online shop for all your Suture removal and Surgical suture supplies including:

Suture removal Kits, Staple Removal Kits

Disposable Skin Stapler
Henry Schein
Our disposable skin stapler is specially designed for surgical skin suturing. With novel structure and application security, it has the advantages of quick speed when sewing up during operation, modest histological reaction, and superior wound matching and healing. It enables you to work with higher efficiency and assists in avoiding cross infection effectively. There is no pain during removal and scarring is minimal.

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Suture Removal Kit – Plastic
Henry Schein
Our sterile, single-use kit includes: plastic-handled littauer (hooked tip) scissors with plastic thumb forceps. The scissors designed with a flatter, thinner-blade providing easier suture removal by allowing blade to slip under suture. Contains one pair of PosiGrip™ plastic forceps & 1 – 3” x 3’ gauze sponge.

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Suture Removal Kit
Henry Schein
Our sterile suture removal kit contains: 1 pair of small-loop, 4 ½” straight metal iris scissors, which are created with a flat, thin blade providing easier suture removal. 1 pair of serrated, 4 ¾” metal forceps, 1 – 3” x 3” gauze pad and 1 large alcohol prep pad.

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Precise™ Disposable Skin Staple Removers
Precise™ Skin Staple Removers are designed to provide fast and easy removal of all brands of surgical skin staples. They are available in 2 styles, tweezers and scissors, to meet individual preferences. Each tool is designed to be light-weight by combining plastic and metal for user comfort. Both models are sterilized and for one time use.

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Sterile Suture Removal Kit
Busse Hospital Disposables
This stitch cutter's razor-sharp blade is especially suited for fine sutures. With its easy-to-use slim feature, the grip handle helps increase control and removes sutures without pain. It allows the blade to slip under the suture easily. Contains: 1 skin staple remover & 1 – 3” x 3” gauze sponge

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When you look to purchase your Suture Removal Kits think Henry Schein. Our disposable procedure trays have all items necessary for minor medical procedures in sterile packaging, and are ideal for the clinic, urgent cares, private practices, or surgical facilities. Stock up today on these popular, affordable disposables.

Custom Surgical Kits/Packs/Trays

The Henry Schein SurgiTeam Custom Surgical Kits are created to meet all of your surgical pack needs. We specialize in supplying custom solutions for any ASC and large multi-practice facility. Our Custom Surgical Kits will increase your operating efficiencies while providing the customization you need at competitive prices, using single-use disposable products where necessary. For more details on how to order your custom solution contact your Henry Schein Sales Consultant or fill out and submit our Custom Design Surgical Kit form. We are here to provide the custom solution you need.

For any questions regarding our suture kit and removal kit supplies on the Henry Schein Medical website, request for info and we will gladly be able to assist you and your practice.

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