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IV Catheters, Intravenous, PICC

IV Catheters, Intravenous, PICC

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IV Catheters / PICC

Henry Schein online medical store features over 300 IV catheters from manufacturers like B. Braun Medical Inc., Becton-Dickinson, Smiths Medical ASD, Terumo Corp, and Nipro. When you need to purchase medical IV catheters and other PICC supplies, look to Henry Schein Medical. We provide a large selection of products at competitive prices.

Intravenous Catheters

Henry Schein Medical sells a wide variety of IV catheters and supplies. Find all of your intravenous catheter products including, safety IV catheters, angio catheters, SurFlash® Polyurethane I.V. Catheters, Insyte™ Autoguard™, closed IV catheter systems and more.

Types of Catheters

Our goal is to help you provide excellent patient care by only offering high-quality products made by leading manufacturers in the medical industry. Henry Schein carries B. Braun Medical Inc., BD™, Smiths Medical and Terumo® and many more. We carry a wide variety of IV catheters and PICC (Peripheral Inserted Central Catheters) including:

IV Catheters for Various Purposes

Becton Dickinson™ - Insyte™ Autoguard™ Shielded IV Catheters

Insyte™ Autoguard™ Shielded IV Catheters
Becton Dickinson

The BD™ Insyte® Autoguard™ technology helps reduce needlestick injuries. Built with a unique push button feature, the Insyte™ Autoguard™ needle retracts after setting off a mechanism which the spring coils, withdrawing the needle into a safety barrel with a click of a button. This can be triggered by the clinician at any time. The catheter is designed with a color coordinated system based on gauge size, making it easy to distinguish which needle is necessary.

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B. Braun Introcan® Safety™ Catheters

Introcan Safety® Catheters
B. Braun

The Introcan Safety® catheter line, manufactured by B. Braun gives you further assurance of successful placement each time due to the double flashback technology. The Introcan Safety® IV Catheter is engineered to make venipuncture more comfortable for patients.

The catheter can be inserted at several different angles as a result of the sharp needle, which consists of a universal bevel. In addition, the Introcan Safety® Catheter is designed to reduce needlestick injuries for all clinicians.

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Terumo® Surflo® IV Catheters

Surflo® IV Catheters

Terumo® Surflo® IV Catheters are consistently safe and simple venipunctures. The Surflo® eliminates worries about leakage or separation of IV catheter and hub. Terumo® IV Catheters flashback chamber in clear, sure-grip hub gives immediate indication of proper placement. The catheter is engineered to be flexible and the thin-wall with large inner diameter allows for a good blood flow.

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Smiths Medical - Protectiv® Plus IV Catheter

Protectiv® Plus IV Catheters
Smiths Medical

The Protectiv® line features a polyurethane catheter's built for durability. The IV catheter made by Smiths Medical is designed with a unique V point needle and advanced catheter tip providing a smooth insertion, making it comfortable for the patient. The safety system catheter reduces needle stick injuries by offering a safely retracting needle mechanism, which is activated with a click of a button.

Smiths Medical's Protectiv® Plus IV Catheters are used nationwide in over 1,000 hospitals.

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We offer a large selection of IV catheters suited for all procedural needs. Don’t forget to stock up on these high-quality products from Henry Schein. If you have any questions regarding IV catheters or other products, feel free to request info and a representative will contact you with assistance.

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