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Services and Solutions for Freestanding Emergency Room Care

Services and Solutions for Freestanding Emergency Room Care

Services and Solutions Emergency Centers - Henry Schein Medical

The rise of freestanding emergency rooms (FSER) is improving the delivery of medical care in the United States. Because FSER's often have shorter wait times than hospital ERs and are usually open 24/7, they are becoming increasingly popular with patients, particularly those with limited access to care.

A successful freestanding emergency room must not only deliver the highest quality care, but must also be run as efficiently as any other business. Making Henry Schein your partner allows you to focus on delivering the right care to your patients.

  • We help you meet compliance goals with contract standardization and spend management.
  • We provide a level of service that lets you proactively manage the business to ensure successes are reported to any corporate partners.

We also offer:

  • Patient workflow assessment, including room designations/layout for emergency, pediatric, general examination, and OBGYN suites, as well as patient monitoring solutions.
  • Imaging solutions including numerous X-ray, Ultrasound, and Archiving Systems — plus Shielding Reports, Mechanical and Electrical Drawings.
  • Laboratory and pathology services, including a full line of solutions for cardiac markers, hematology, general chemistry, pregnancy testing, lab accessories, refrigeration systems, and laboratory information systems.
  • Henry Schein Logistics, an eight-week custom kitting process for supplies and equipment needs, which include assembly, installation and training.

To contact Henry Schein about developing a new or enhancing a current freestanding emergency room, please contact us at 1-800-772-4346.