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About Clinical Care Solutions

About Clinical Care Solutions

Clinical Care Solutions to Improve Patient Outcomes

As a health care provider, your main priority is to improve patient outcomes while running an efficient business. The journey of health care delivery is constantly changing and having The combination of speed, technology, and convenience has become a large part of health care delivery today. Supporting the continuum of care from wellness and prevention to chronic care management, requires a dedicated and trusted partner. Henry Schein Medical has the experience and expertise to help your practice and business navigate the everchanging landscape of health care.

Our portfolio of clinical care solutions encompasses years of involvement and immersion on the front lines of health care. Through modern technological advancements to developing resources, Henry Schein Medical is dedicated to bringing customized assets to your practice. By understanding the demands of health care delivery, we're able to engage clinical and technology experts to build and design solutions that'll elevate your patient outcomes.

Discover our portfolio of clinical care solutions below:

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Protect your staff and your patients by stocking up on essential PPE resources. From face shields and procedural masks to isolation gowns and coveralls, we have you covered.

COVID-19 Testing

Help slow the spread of COVID-19. We offer an array of molecular, antigen, and antibody testing options.


Timely medical testing can be a pivotal element when determining a path to treatment, especially during a pandemic. POCT provides rapid results to help practitioners diagnose with added confidence.


Virtual care and remote patient management is made possible through some of the industry's most powerful telemedicine solutions including Medpod® with VisualDX.

Home Health

In the wake of Covid-19, the need for home medical monitoring and care is growing. Through PRISM, we offer a wide range of home care medical supplies to benefit both the clinician and patient.