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Clinical Care Supplies Equipment Solutions

Clinical Care Supplies Equipment Solutions

Clinical Care Solutions to Improve Patient Outcomes

As a health care provider, your main priority is to improve patient outcomes while running an efficient business. The journey of health care delivery is constantly changing and having The combination of speed, technology, and convenience has become a large part of health care delivery today. Supporting the continuum of care from wellness and prevention to chronic care management, requires a dedicated and trusted partner. Henry Schein Medical has the experience and expertise to help your practice and business navigate the everchanging landscape of health care.

Our portfolio of clinical care solutions encompasses years of involvement and immersion on the front lines of health care. Through modern technological advancements to developing resources, Henry Schein Medical is dedicated to bringing customized assets to your practice. By understanding the demands of health care delivery, we're able to engage clinical and technology experts to build and design solutions that'll elevate your patient outcomes.

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Protect your staff and your patients by stocking up on essential PPE resources. From face shields and procedural masks to isolation gowns and coveralls, we have you covered.

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COVID-19 and Flu Rapid Testing: Staying Prepared is Key

Covid-19 testing capabilities continue to advance. And, as variants like Delta and Omicron persist, timely testing options have become a critical tool in preventing further spread. With some similarities to the flu, confirming or ruling out a Covid-19 diagnosis can help to ensure patients, and those they interact with, receive the best outcome possible.

COVID-19 Rapid Diagnostic Testing Options

The CDC has now made it easier for healthcare providers and their patients to quickly identify the most appropriate testing options for recommendation and use. The mobile-friendly Covid-19 Viral Testing Tool can also assist in interpreting results while offering next-step guidance.

We understand having access to a vast portfolio of testing options can be essential to delivering quality care. That's why, in collaboration with our diagnostic partners, we stock a variety of Molecular, PCR, highly specific & protein-focused Antigen, serology-centered Antibody, Flu, RSV and Strep test kits and supplies.

COVID-19 Test Kits and Supplies

Access to appropriate testing options helps to provide peace of mind for both the patient and the practitioner. Browse our Selection of Covid-19 Test Kits and Supplies below.

COVID-19 Test Kits and Supplies - Henry Schein Medical

Molecular Covid, Strep, and Flu Tests

Because respiratory illnesses may closely mimic one another, having a variety of testing options allows for a more accurate diagnosis. Learn more about molecular testing capabilities here.

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Molecular Covid-19, Strep, and Flu Tests

Flu Testing: Rapid Tests, Readers, and Laterlow Flow Tests

A patient with symptoms of respiratory illness who tests negative for COVID-19 may have still have the flu—which is why flu testing remains essential. Shop our readers and lateral flow flu testing options here.

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Rapid Tests, Readers, and Lateral flow Flu Tests

Telehealth: Simplifying Care Through Technology

As our general population ages and our world shifts to favor more remote communication options, medical practitioners and their patients may opt to utilize technology as a supplement or enhancement to traditional care.

Telehealth vs Telemedicine: What's the Difference?

Though the words telecare, telehealth and telemedicine are often interchanged, there are a few subtle differences.

Through telemedicine, physicians provide care from a distance, using technology to communicate with their patient remotely. Medical consultations, general evaluations and augmented treatment plans are provided through this method.

However, telehealth services are all encompassing, providing remote vital sign observation, health education services, virtual check-ins, provider dashboard monitoring, continuous telecare remote monitoring, translation services and more.


It is estimated 83% of patients expect to utilize telemedicine post-pandemic. Through Medpod, traditional medical settings are transformed to highly efficient virtual experiences offering greater flexibility and value for both the patient and practitioner.

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Medpod - Henry Schein Medical

(RPM) Remote Patient Monitoring

Going beyond the physical health care setting, our teledignostics Medpod RPM platform helps to maximize patient care management and optimize remote monitoring. Disease state kits with telemedicine capabilities, virtual check-in aps, and provider dashboard alerts help ensure your patient is always fully monitored.

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Remote Patient Monitoring - Henry Schein Medical


Proven to increase diagnostic accuracy by 120%, VisualDx helps you to build and compare symptoms for even the most challenging presentations. Accessible anywhere, the visualization tool provides enhanced speed-to-action opportunities for improved patient care.

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VisualDX - Henry Schein Medical

At Home Essentials Support the Continuum of Care

Over the last few years, Home Health has taken on new meaning. What was once considered an age-in-place alternative to nursing home care, has expanded to include patients of all ages seeking respite and recuperation options.

Now, as we begin navigating the long-term health issues associated with Covid-19 and the subsequent recovery period, easy access to medical supplies for home health has become a key component to quality care.

With industry leading delivery times (next-day delivery on most orders received by 4 p.m., including weekends), flexible shipment sizes, comprehensive care coordination and full-service medical billing, we've eased the burden to clinicians and simplified the process for patients.


PRISM Home Health provides customized solutions and seamless home delivery spanning a variety of specialty categories including wound care, urology, blood pressure cuffs, bracing, compression, ostomy, therapeutics, peak flow meters and maternity.

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PRISM Home Health - Henry Schein Medical


Recovering at home has many benefits. With One by Prism, you'll have access to the medical and wellness products specific to your healing journey. With a range shipping options, including next day delivery, your order will always arrive when you need it.

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One by Prism - Henry Schein Medical

Rapid Diagnostic Tests and Point-of-Care Testing

Timely medical testing can be a pivotal element when determining a path to treatment, especially during a pandemic. POCT provides rapid results to help practitioners diagnose with added confidence.

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Rapid Diagnostic Tests and Point-of-Care Testing