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Exam-Room-Cabinetry - Henry Schein Medical

Exam-Room-Cabinetry - Henry Schein Medical

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Midmark Modular Casework System

Midmark uses its wealth of experience, product design knowledge and physician research to custom design the most efficient primary care exam room for your practice. This efficient exam room design is intended to be fluid to meet the continually changing needs of physicians and the emergence of electronic medical records. Your choice of configurations allows you to change and rearrange your casework system to fit your needs so you don't have to change your activity to fit your casework.

  • Designed specifically for use in a medical facility to address durability and infection-control requirements
  • Adjustable ball-bearing glides are self-cleaning to allow the drawers to slide in and out smoothly every time
  • One-piece, polystyrene drawers with rounded corners provide maximum asepsis control while resisting spills
  • Seamless, polymer-covered panels provide a durable surface that resists spilled fluids and chemicals and can be cleaned with no surface degradation
  Midmark Modular Casework System

Midmark Best Value Exam Room Casework

Midmark Best Value Exam Room Casework is exactly what the name implies, the absolute best value. You can easily optimize the usage of any space by incorporating the efficiency and cost-effective options of this preconfigured casework system.

  • Larger storage area for bulk items
  • Two drawers for small items and a versatile pullout writing surface
  • Waste receptacle door for efficient, sanitary disposal
  Midmark Best Value Exam Room Casework

Midmark Traditional Exam Room Casework

Midmark Traditional Exam Room Casework is designed to maximize workflow efficiency in the exam room. Every feature is engineered to provide quality and efficiency.

  • Versatile drawer and bulk storage
  • Drop-down writing surface with leg and countertop
  • Double doors with waste receptacle door for easy access to disposal units
  Midmark Traditional Exam Room Casework