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Midmark and Ritter

Midmark and Ritter

Midmark and Ritter Medical equipment - Henry Schein

Midmark and Ritter brands of examination and universal power procedure tables have become the industry standard in medical facilities, offering high-quality, patient comfort and the best long-term investment. Midmark also produces the leading Ritter sterilizers on the market, an array of lighting, seating and unique modular casework with storage solutions for all areas of health-care facilities.

626 Barrier-Free® Examination Chair-Midmark and Ritter
626 Barrier-Free® Examination Chair

Many health-care providers are not aware of current standards for proper blood pressure measurement. If this isn't addressed, it leaves health systems at serious risk. 9.8% of the population is affected by overestimation of high blood pressure errors. Multiply the cost of treatment for hypertension by the typical patient panel size and the cost of overtreatment could be as much as $135,000 per each practicing physician. The impact of overmedication can also result in complications such as dizziness, fainting, exhaustion, or even patient falls.

The Midmark 626 is the first exam chair of its kind designed to promote proper patient positioning for a more accurate blood-pressure measurement.

  • Easily position patients for a better BP measurement
  • Powered movement of the back section ensures the patient's back is supported
  • A Barrier-Free® low chair-height allows the majority of patients, even female patients with heights in the 3rd percentile, to place their feet flat on the floor

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Ritter 224 Barrier-Free® Examination Chair- Midmark and Ritter
Ritter 224 Barrier-Free® Examination Chair

The number of elderly and obese in the U.S. is steadily growing, and over one fifth of adults in America are disabled. Assisting patients with mobility limitations onto exam chairs has become a frequently performed task. Although caregivers working in healthcare facilities are in one of the most at-risk professions for musculoskeletal disorders, little has been done to evaluate and reduce risk. The Ritter 224 is designed to offer low and high positioning heights so you can provide the best care to all patients, whether treating the elderly, expectant mothers, or patients with disabilities.

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Midmark® 641 Power Procedure Chair - Midmark and Ritter
Midmark® 641 Power Procedure Chair

This chair offers maximum accessibility to your patient, versatile positioning, and premium patient comfort for such aesthetic procedures as dermatology, plastic surgery, and ENT. Delivers maximum head and neck access.

  • Narrow patient support surface and slim back section provide required accessibility; work closer to patient with proper posture, and be injury-free
  • Tuck-away side rail for improved access to patient; extend for mounting accessories, and to adjust, simply loosen knob, position rail, and tighten knob
  • For proper patient positioning, powered movement of seat, back, foot, and tilt offer multiposition capabilities, improving comfort and reducing the likelihood of injury
  • Foot rest can be extended for taller patients; squeeze recessed lever on either side to unlock and rotate to extend. Lightweight for easy operation and equipped with safety system to prevent collision with floor
  • Premium Comfort System™; advanced elastomeric material stretched over a seat cutout, enhances patient comfort for a chair-like feel in a procedure table
  • Optional rotation: allows patient to be repositioned instead of the device
  • Optional one-touch positioning: press a single button and all sections move simultaneously from chair (or any position) to flat position (or any programmed position). 4 Favorite positions can be stored
  • Optional wireless controls: remove cords and eliminate obstacles; enjoy freedom of locating hand and foot control anywhere in the room
  • Optional chair arms: upholstered and contoured for comfort

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