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Midmark Medical Equipment

Midmark Medical Equipment

Midmark Medical Equipment - Henry Schein Medical

Midmark Medical Equipment

At Midmark, better care doesn't just happen by chance—it happens by design. Midmark specializes in harmonizing clinical space, workflow, and technology to design better care experiences for patients and caregivers.

Browse from our selection of equipment, including:

Midmark Digital Diagnostics

Let us help you increase efficiency, reduce errors, and improve adherence to clinical standards whether you have one facility or a network of sites.

IQvitals® Zone™

IQvitals Zone was designed to save time and eliminate errors, helping improve costs and clinical outcomes.


Midmark Zone™ Technology connects the IQvitals Zone wireless monitor to a computer—no cables, no manual pairing. As you move in and out of range of the vital signs monitor, your computer will automatically connect and disconnect through a secure Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) connection. Run all IQvitals Zone functions at the point of care with our easy-to-use touchscreen or through your computer.


The exclusive SPRINT BP Protocol features embedded positioning guidelines to help ensure proper patient preparation and easier adoption of American Medical Association guidelines for more accurate BP readings. IQvitals Zone offers either step deflation or Serenity BP™ linear deflation, designed by Midmark, to deliver quick, accurate measurements that are more comfortable for the patient. Choose from industry-leading SpO2 technologies, Masimo SET® or Nellcor™ OxiMax™. Each IQvitals Zone device comes standard with an Exergen TemporalScanner™ thermometer.


Connect the IQvitals Zone device to the Midmark 626 Barrier-Free® Exam Chair with the integrated Digital Scale to weigh patients quickly and discreetly from the comfort of the exam chair. Then, data can be transferred directly into the EMR.

The Midmark IQconnect® framework provides a seamless connection from devices to the EMR system. In other words, it allows the user to operate all devices and transfer data into the EMR from one single pane of glass—the computer screen.

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MIDMARK IQvitals® Zone™ - Henry Schein Medical

Digital Vital Signs Device

The Midmark Digital Vital Signs Device is an affordable, touch screen, Windows® based device that provides automated blood pressure, temperature, SpO2 and pulse rate readings with a touch of the screen.


Seamlessly integrates with a variety of today's top EMR systems to allow you to access patient information and transfer data to the patient chart, minimizing manual entry of patient information and risk of errors.


Increase efficiency with an all-in-one vital signs device (with options to add SpO2 and digital scales).


The intuitive, easy-to-read color LCD display simplifies usability and reduces learning curves. The device is also lightweight and portable with flexible mounting options to meet the needs of most clinical environments.

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MIDMARK® Digital Vital Signs Device - Henry Schein Medical


The Midmark IQecg is designed with the physician and technician in mind to be easier to use and improve the clinical workflow.


The intuitive user interface built on the Midmark IQconnect® framework reduces clicks and can improve workflow.


New screen layouts and color scheme, electronic calipers, on-screen side-by-side comparison, and editing tools with free-text fields deliver an improved workflow that's still familiar. Unlike typical ECG devices, instantly capture and analyze the 10 seconds of ECG seen onscreen.


Midmark has made everything easier, from accessing the patient chart, hooking up the patient, performing tests, and seamlessly saving to the chart.

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MIDMARK IQECG® - Henry Schein Medical

Midmark Examination and Procedure Chairs

The right balance of equipment, technology and workflow can improve standardization and quality of care.

Midmark® examination and procedure chairs improve the point of care experience for patients and staff. Midmark chairs are designed to help improve efficiency, accuracy and adherence to clinical standards.

626 Barrier-free® Examination Chair

As health systems struggle to standardize care, blood pressure inaccuracy is one of the biggest areas of concern. Midmark can help. The Midmark 626 is the first chair of its kind designed to promote proper patient positioning for a more accurate blood pressure measurement.

Patient Positioning

Easily position patients for a better BP measurement. Powered movement of the back section ensures the patient's back is supported. A barrier-free low chair height allows the majority of patients to place their feet flat on the floor.

The Patient Support Rails+ optional accessory helps ensure the patient's arm is supported at heart height.

Automated Vital Signs

Connect the IQvitals® Zone™ device to the Midmark® 626 Barrier-Free Exam Chair with the integrated Digital Scale to weigh patients quickly and discreetly from the comfort of the exam chair. Then, transfers data to the EMR.

Seamless Connectivity

The Midmark IQconnect® framework provides a seamless connection from your devices to your EMR system. In other words, it allows you to operate all of your devices and transfer data to the EMR from one, single pane of glass—the computer screen.

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MIDMARK 626 Barrier-free® Examination Chair - Henry Schein Medical

Ritter 225 Barrier-free® Examination Chair

The Ritter® 225 is designed to offer low and high positioning heights so you can provide the best care to all patients, whether treating the elderly, expectant mothers, or patients with disabilities.

Adjustable Height

Ritter® Barrier-free Examination Chairs by Midmark adjust in height from 18–37 inches, improving accessibility to the exam chair and reducing the likelihood of staff injury.

Automated Vital Signs

Using a Ritter® Barrier-Free exam chair with an automated vital signs device such as the Midmark® Digital Vital Signs Device or IQvitals® Zone™ allows you to bring more to the point of care, saving time.

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Ritter 225 Barrier-free® Examination Chair - Henry Schein Medical

630 HUMANFORM® Procedure Chair

Save time and your back with the Midmark 630—the benchmark in patient- and provider-centered performance. The Midmark 630 is designed to complement the human body with more natural movement and enhanced positioning capabilities.


Motion Profiling® adjusts the chair as the patient moves to help maintain head and back support. This exclusive feature is designed to eliminate the need for patients to reposition as the chair back section raises or lowers.


Active Sensing Technology® pauses chair movement when disrupting impact is detected.

Barrier-free Design

The barrier-free chair design helps address the needs of a changing patient demographic with an 18" low seat height and 650-pound weight capacity.

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MIDMARK 630 HUMANFORM® Procedure Chair - Henry Schein Medical

647 Podiatry Chair

The Midmark 647 is the next step in foot and ankle care with an exclusive, ergonomic foot section design to put control right where it's needed—the foot section.


Integrated touch controls on both sides of the foot section are not only convenient but also help reduce costly breakage of hand controls.


The powered base, back, and tilt assist in providing effortless positioning. Easy-to-reach release handles on both sides of the foot section allow for smooth, one-handed operation.


Covered glides and a sealed foot control protect internal components from dirt and debris to simplify cleaning and help ensure a longer product life.

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MIDMARK® 647 Podiatry Chair - Henry Schein Medical

641 Procedure Chair

The Midmark 641 is designed to give you unobstructed access to the patient's head and neck area. You can work more efficiently—and comfortably—even during close-up aesthetic procedures.

Close-up Access

The 641 gives you premium access to the patient with a narrow patient support surface, slim back section, and tuck-away side rails.

Premium Positioning

Put the chair exactly where you need it with powered seat, back, foot, and tilt.


The exclusive Premium Comfort System® enhances patient comfort with a chair-like feel.

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MIDMARK® 641 Procedure Chair - Henry Schein Medical

Learn More about Midmark

Midmark's beginnings start in 1915 and since then has become a well-known name in the medical, dental, and veterinary professional world. Between 1915 and 1949 Midmark was known as Cummings Machine Company and was a manufacture of concrete mixers. It wasn't until the 1960s, that Midmark entered medical and became the brand we know today.


  • In 1920, Cummings Machine Company acquired Reeves Pulley Company and started manufacturing gasoline-powered locomotives.
  • In 1925 John W. Eiting becomes president of the newly named Industrial Equipment Company


  • In the 1960s John W. Eiting's son, Carl F. Eiting, leads the company
  • Industrial Equipment Company grows with office expansions and 125 employees
  • The American Metal Furniture Company goes bankrupt. The Industrial Equipment Company purchases four products and enters in the medical sphere.
  • Carl's Son, James A. Eiting, becomes president of the company in 1969
  • Growth of the company continues. To meet the demand for space, Industrial Equipment Company moves to Versailles, Ohio
  • Industrial Equipment Industries changes names to Midmark

1970s - 1980s

  • Growth and recognition continue to advance in the 1970s
  • Midmark purchases one of its major competitors, Ritter, in 1986
  • Midmark opens Riverwatch, a corporate conference center with first-class amenities for overnight guests

1990s - 2000s

  • Midmark purchases Knight Manufacturing, Inc. in 1997
  • Anne Eiting Klamar leads Midmark as president in 1999
  • Midmark expands internationally and opens offices over seas throughout Europe and in India


  • In 2016 John Q. Baumann becomes president and CEO of Midmark
  • Midmark acquires Versus Technology, Inc and VSSI in 2016
  • In 2017 Midmark partners with HEINE, a German manufacturer of primary medical diagnostic instruments


  • In 2021 Midmark reveals the opening new experience and technology centers in Versailles, Ohio.
  • Midmark acquires Shor-line in 2021