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Urological Supplies and Catheter Supplies

Urological Supplies and Catheter Supplies

Henry Schein Urology Supplies, Equipment, and Solutions - Henry Schein Medical

Urological and Catheter Supplies

With the increase in obesity rates and an aging population, there will be corresponding increases in incidences of kidney stones and rates of incontinence. And when you consider how technology and evolving reimbursement rates are affecting the way you provide care, the role of the urologist is as important as ever. Rely on Henry Schein Medical to provide the equipment and supplies you need, including a diverse range of catheter supplies, products, and accessories, in order to stay ahead in a urology market that is evolving and poised for high growth.

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We specialize in providing medical professionals and doctors with a comprehensive range of catheterization solutions to meet the unique needs of their patients. Our extensive inventory includes a wide variety of catheters, catheter insertion trays, catheter kits, catheter sets, and catheterization kits, all designed to ensure optimal patient comfort and clinical effectiveness. Whether you require a specific type of catheter or a complete catheterization kit, we have the products you need. Explore our inventory below and discover the right solution for your patients.


Discover a comprehensive selection of high-quality catheters designed to meet the diverse needs of your patients. Click below to explore our catheter inventory and find the right solutions for your medical practice.

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Catheter Insertion Trays

Ensure smooth and efficient catheterization procedures with our range of catheter trays, thoughtfully designed to provide convenience and organization. Explore our selection of catheter trays below and streamline your workflow in delivering the highest quality care to your patients.

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Catheter Kits

Simplify the catheterization process with our comprehensive catheter kits, carefully curated to offer convenience and reliability. Discover our range of catheter kits below and equip your medical practice with the essential tools for successful patient care.

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Catheter Sets

Experience seamless catheterization procedures with our versatile catheter sets, thoughtfully assembled to provide convenience and precision. Browse through our selection of catheter sets below and equip your medical practice with the right tools for optimal patient care.

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Catheterization Kits

Ensure efficient and comprehensive catheterization procedures with our all-in-one catheterization kits, meticulously designed to simplify the process and enhance patient comfort. Explore our range of catheterization kits below and equip your medical practice with the essential tools for successful interventions.

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Urinary Catheters

A urinary catheter is an elastic tube used to empty a patient’s bladder and collect urine into a drainage bag. Inserted by a health care professional, catheters can be used with a tube that transports urine out of the bladder (urethral catheter) or within a small incision made in the patient’s lower abdomen (suprapubic catheter). Throughout the process, the catheter will remain in the bladder, allowing urine to comfortably flow into the drainage bag.

Types of Urinary Catheters

  • Intermittent Catheters: these are briefly implanted into the bladder and detached once the bladder is empty fully expelled.
  • Indwelling Catheters: these are inserted for long-term use over several days to weeks and are held in place by an inflated balloon within the bladder. Because catheter placement can be uncomfortable, patients will typically prefer the indwelling catheters to avoid several insertions and removals.

When to Use Urinary Catheters

When a patient has difficulty urinating naturally, a urinary catheter can be inserted to allow the health care provider to perform essential tests or to help the patient relieve their bladder post-surgery.

Additional reasons include:

  • When a patient develops scarring or prostate enlargement, a urinary catheter may be used to help drain their bladder due to obstruction in their urethra.
  • In the event of a bladder weakness or nerve damage, a patient’s ability to urinate may be affected. A urinary catheter can help make the process of urinating more comfortable.
  • If an epidural anesthetic is used during childbirth, a urinary catheter may be used to drain the patient’s bladder.
  • When specific surgeries are performed, a urinary catheter can be used for bladder drainage before, during, or post-surgery.
  • When a health care provider needs to administer medicine continuously and directly into their patient’s bladder for bladder cancers or chemotherapy treatments, a urinary catheter would be used.
  • When several other urinary incontinence strategies have failed, a urinary catheter could be successful in bladder drainage.

Medical and Surgical Supplies for Urologists

Quality urology instruments from Henry Schein Medical help medical professionals improve their patients' urological health while also meeting their business needs. We carry an extensive inventory which includes:

Top Selling Urology Medical Surgical Instruments

  • Specialty Surgical Products
  • Exam Room Supplies
  • Exam & Surgical Gloves
  • Standard Kits / Packs / Trays
  • Sterilization Supplies
  • Surface Disinfectant & Cleaning
  • IV Administration Supplies

Urology Supplies

These include urological medical supplies that support continence care of patients.

  • Catheter Lubricants
  • Insertion Trays
  • Connections and Tubing
  • Catheter Holders
  • Urinals
  • Penile Clamps
  • Irrigation Products
  • Incontinence Devices

Medical Equipment for Urology

Henry Schein Medical's full-range of diagnostic equipment and supplies address various urological ailments, aid urology specialists in earlier diagnosis and prevention of disease.

The right Urology diagnostic equipment can bring significant benefits to your practice. You'll increase the number of treatment options you can offer your patients while achieving increased revenues and greater patient satisfaction.

Our Medical Equipment Specialists

Our equipment specialists can provide the advice and guidance you'll need to take advantage of technologies that will keep your business competitive and more productive. They'll evaluate your requirements and help you choose the Urology equipment that is best suited to your practice goals and your budget.

Medical Equipment Repair

Our equipment portfolio extends to include repair services. Henry Schein ProRepair works with Integrated Medical Systems (IMS) to provide repair solutions for Urology centers. In today's challenging business environment, ProRepair maintains a competitive advantage by using state-of-the-art technology and repair techniques. Our new service offering includes flexible and rigid scopes, cystoscopes, light cables, video cameras, and couplers.

Get Started Today:

Complete our online form to start the repair process: Click here.

Top Selling Urology Diagnostic Equipment Products

Pharmaceuticals for Urology

Henry Schein Medical is committed to offering you the best pharmaceutical products and services as well as enhancing the quality of care in your practice. We offer a wide range of pharmaceutical supplies and drug supplies designed to help you meet your urology practice needs.

Most Popular Urology Pharmaceutical Products

  • Anesthetics
  • Oncology Drugs
  • Anti-infectives
  • Steroids
  • Pain Management
  • Lubricants & Gels
  • Nervous System Drugs
  • Other Pharmaceutical Products

Lab Equipment and Supplies

Looking to implement or innovate your on-site testing capabilities? Our experienced laboratory specialists can assist you in the planning, equipment selection, setup, and regulatory compliance within new and existing office laboratories. Our goal is to simplify and streamline your procurement process, allowing you to focus on urological care.

To Create or Update Your Laboratory, We Provide:

  • Support on performance and financial planning
  • Strategic developmental and technical support from lab design to day-to-day operation
  • A courtesy efficacy evaluation and report with suggestions for improvement—clinically and financially
  • Intermittent evaluation to ensure that your lab is working properly along with proven methods to decrease your operating costs and elevate your quality assurance and compliance
  • 24-hour online ordering availability
  • Shipping of same reagent lot numbers, eliminating excess calibration costs