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Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) Healthcare

Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) Healthcare

Actionable Strategies for Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) Healthcare

Integrated Delivery Network (IDNs) Healthcare includes health systems that assume ownership and operations of one of more healthcare facilities. In addition, IDN's encompass non-acute care facilities, surgery centers, physician practices, clinics, nursing homes, and imaging centers. These specialty facilities are essential for patient care, but their complexities may offer very specific challenges to even the most seasoned supply chain managers.

Lack of standardization, multiple purchase orders, contract compliance concerns and unpredictable receiving delays all contribute to a fragmented experience for both patients and providers alike. As a result, operational efficiencies become harder to achieve.

We can help. Our non-acute service experts will help guide you through the maze of opportunities and provide you with resources to help secure competitive prices and lower overall costs.

You are not alone—we are here to help.

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Why Henry Schein Medical?

Successfully managing an IDN could require the services of a consultant, a business advisor, and a network of resources that includes customer service, supply chain, analytics, finance, and highly trained product specialists. Henry Schein Medical's Fully Integrated Service Team offers all that—and much more.

  • We learn about each practice or organization, including its current place in the market and its goals.
  • We consult on best practices to chart a course for an optimistic future.
  • We align business needs with the appropriate supplies, products, and practice solutions.
  • We connect each customer with our internal specialists and teams who offer proven, seasoned advice.
  • We measure improvement efforts, deliver business reviews and updates, and propose next steps.
  • Our Fully Integrated Service Team establishes an active interest in our customers' business and advocates for their future success.

Learn more from Brad Clark, Executive Director, Strategic Accounts, U.S, Henry Schein Medical:

What is an Integrated Delivery Network (IDN)?

An Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) is a network of one or more healthcare facilities owned and managed by one organization. The goal of most IDNs is to function in one or more healthcare settings to deliver an entire continuum of care for the patient. Because IDN's provide an extensive variety of health care services, they'll operate in several different types of inpatient and outpatient settings, including¹:

  • Hospitals
  • Physician Groups
  • Health Clinics
  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Imaging Centers

The Importance of Integrated Delivery Networks

Large IDNs with extensive networks and locations can effectively communicate and strategize ways to reduce chronic disease treatment and improve patient care. Enhanced communication results in reduced revenue loss and network leakage.

IDN Integration Levels

  • System II (Horizontal Integration) – Regional or national multi hospital systems. These systems own and manage hospitals but can also include other healthcare facilities. System II IDNs are often government, state, or investor owned.
  • System III (Vertical Integration) – Wide range of healthcare facilities spanning from prenatal care to assisted living centers and hospices. The main goal and objective of System III systems is to share information and resources between all owned facilities. The vertical integration is often made up of academic, catholic, and community health systems.
  • System IV (Strategic Integration) – Vertically integrated systems that stress strategy, organization, and structure. Information systems, centralized administrative control, purchasing, and distribution are aligned across the entire organization resulting in greater control and understanding of the health system.

IDN vs Accountable Care Organization (ACO): What’s the Difference?

Accountable Care Organization (ACO)

  • Made up of hospitals and health care providers who voluntarily unite to provide coordinated high-quality care to their Medicare patients.
  • Share information with one another to ensure patients receive care and avoid duplication of services
  • Promote providers to work together to lower costs and provide quality care

Integrated Delivery Network (IDN)

  • Network of one or more healthcare facilities owned and managed by one organization
  • Provides a coordinated continuum of care services to a defined patient population
  • Can be made up of hospital systems, large medical groups, long-term care, outpatient centers, pharmacy
  • Falls under three categories of integration (Horizontal, Vertical, Strategic) to lower costs and provide quality care