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Pain Management Equipment Portfolio

Pain Management Equipment Portfolio

Pain Management Equipment Portfolio

Pain Clinic Capital Expense Portfolio Management

Offering comprehensive diagnostic, interventional, and therapeutic services allows Pain Management providers the platforms to alieve the suffering of patients across their entire care continuum. Health Care facilities and clinics must be properly outfitted to effectively and compliantly care for these patients. Henry Schein is ready to help!

Pain Management Diagnostic Equipment

Diagnostic Equipment

Comprehensive Imaging Suites:

  • C-Arm
  • Ultrasound
  • Digital X-Ray
Pain Management for Procedural Equipment

Procedural Equipment

Exam Rooms for first line treatment:

  • Interventional Pain Management
  • Medication Management

Procedure Rooms for:

  • Minimally Invasive Procedures

Locking Dispensing Systems:

  • A drug diversion safeguard
  • Aids your Schedule II drug storage compliance

In-House Pharmacy

  • Are you equipped to offer this point of care service?

Crash Cart

  • Is your cart ACLS-Compliant for your procedure offering?
  • Are you armed with advance life support device?
Pain Management for Therapeutic Equipment

Therapeutic Equipment

Multi-Phasic Treatment Areas for:

  • Psychological Counseling
  • Behavioral Therapy
  • Laser Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Chiropractic Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Meeting and Consultation Rooms

HIPAA, Infection Prevention, and OSHA

Procedure-based clinics prepare for the health and welfare of their patients by dedicating attention to:

  • Central Sterilization and High Level Disinfection
  • Safety Signage
  • Patient Privacy

Are you looking for capital expense management experts to support your facility planning needs?

Our national team of AMS*-certified sales consultants partner with an elite team of capital and lab specialists are expertly trained to consult on equipment that supports your patient caseload, service line portfolio, and practice profitability. These professionals regularly partner with our provider community to recommend the appropriate equipment to meet your practice needs based on:

  • Your operating budget for capital equipment assets for upgrades, relocations, service line enhancements
  • A comprehensive imaging assortment for a full-range of diagnostic capabilities
  • Extensive portfolio to support your proposed procedure and treatment offering
  • An upcoming JACHO or MOC inspection that may compel an assessment of OSHA standards
  • Your desire to maximize your section 179 tax incentives

Contact this elite team today for an assessment of your capital equipment needs!

Pain Management Equipment Portfolio

Does your practice have laboratory services equipped to support your drugs of abuse monitoring program?

As one of the most pressing healthcare issues in the US, the opioid epidemic has created a need for increased vigilance related to the management of patient’s population narcotic use. Since facilities that offer interventional pain and medication management are at the forefront of confronting this crisis, many practices have actively built in management tools and resources for their providers to:

  • establish when opioids are clinically appropriate
  • identify individuals solely seeking drugs for non-medical use
  • ensure patients are held accountable for appropriate opioid use
  • handle opioid misuse and abuse

The first step to improving patient safety regarding prescribing opioids is to follow the CDC guidelines. Download CDC Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain

Advisory Board Poster: Only You Can Help Confront the Opioid Epidemic - Nine Imperatives for Hospital and Health System Executives - Download PDF of Poster

An organizational best practice to help prescribers screen and identify patients misusing or abusing opioids is offering onsite lab services.

Henry Schein can help by offering an array of diagnostic solutions, from CLIA-waived point of care screening options to moderately complex bench-top testing all the way to full highly complex laboratory installations. Here is just sampling of our rapid testing, screening, and confirmation offering:

Pain Management Equipment Portfolio
POC Diagnostics
Rapid diagnostics allow for documented patient accountability and faster therapeutic intervention
Drug Screening
Testing for indications of abuse or addiction
Laboratory confirmation of drug compounds to corroborate positive rapid drug tests results
Pain Management Diagnostic Equipment
Pain Management Diagnostic Equipment
Pain Management Diagnostic Equipment
Pain Management Diagnostic Equipment
Pain Management Diagnostic Equipment

Need to Schedule a visit with our Clinical Lab team to help plan your CLIA moderately or Complex Lab? Click here.

Are you looking to refresh, renovate, or renew your current pain practice? Are you planning to open a pain center in the near future?

Are you exploring improving access to pain management services in your community? Whether you are looking to update, upgrade, or expand your facility; open a new or relocate a current access site; or even add new providers or therapeutic service lines, your considerations most likely include your budget, your time-line, and your future goals. In light of your current responsibilities combined with the complexity that this project presents, we aim to partner with you as trusted advisor to ease the strain of treating your patient’s pain.

Pain Management Diagnostic Equipment

Refresh your brand presence by offering new services or providers

Pain Management for Procedural Equipment

Renovate your practice for better workflow and profitability

Pain Management for Therapeutic Equipment

Renew your location as you expand your footprint

Pain Management Diagnostic Equipment

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*AMS- Advanced Medical Sales is a healthcare industry recognized certification program and Henry Schein business requirement for our account consultants to insure pursuit of continuing education on industry-relevant topics to include: market segments and specialties, products and procedures and policy and payment fundamental to ensure that our customers receive qualified support