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Workplace Health

Workplace Health

Workplace Health - Henry Schein Medical

Workplace Health Programs: Keep Employees Healthy; Reduce Health Care Costs

The most valuable assets at a company aren't its products—they're its employees. Their health, wellness, and happiness are paramount to a successful business. With rising health care costs for both employers and their employees, many companies are launching or expanding programs dedicated to workplace health.

These primary and ancillary health services grant employees convenient, timely, and affordable access to the care they need. Henry Schein Medical has the experience and expertise to help develop a workplace health program with cost-saving strategies that improve affordability, access, and outcomes—without shifting costs to employees.

Why Workplace Health?

A workplace health program delivers a wide range of benefits to not just the health of employees, but also the bottom line. These include:

  • Increased productivity. Improving employee health decreases not just absenteeism (time spent away from work), but also presenteeism (time spent on the job but underperforming).
  • Reduced health costs. Powered by the right products and solutions, a workplace health program can ensure the lowest cost-of care setting.
  • Employee satisfaction. By choosing program offerings delivering a convenient and efficient experience, employees will be happier and healthier—directly impacting culture, retention, and results.
  • Market competitiveness. One-third of all organizations with more than 5,000 employers offer a general medical clinic at or near the site of work. A workplace health program can help companies stay competitive to attract and retain employees.

More than Just Flu Shots

When it's time to reduce health care costs for both a business and employees by offering medical clinics for non-occupational health services, there are several options to consider based on needs, budget, and the makeup of the workforce.

Henry Schein Medical can help with factors that must be considered in order to develop or expand a dynamic workplace health program, including:

  • What are the objectives and goals of the workplace health program? Besides managing health spend and employee health risk, should the program also seek chronic care management? Further increase productivity? Reduce absenteeism?
  • Who will staff the program? What type of care should be provided? Most clinics offer a nurse practitioner, physician, or medical assistant, but some offer a nutritionist, health coach, or even a massage therapist.
  • What kinds of additional services will be offered? Immunizations and screenings are a given, but employees could benefit from mental health, lab, and X-ray services—and even enjoy the convenience of an on-site pharmacy.
  • Are you considering offering health-management programs? Biometric screening, weight and nutrition management, and smoking cessation programs allow employees to take proactive steps to evaluate the state of their health.

A partnership with Henry Schein Medical can help plot the right course for a workplace health program that best serves the needs of an organization by managing overall spend on health, reducing employee health risks and managing their chronic conditions, increasing employee productivity and satisfaction, and identifying better ways to attract and retain valued employees.

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