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Workplace Health

Workplace Health

Your Employees Invest Time into the Health of Your Business. It's Time to Invest in the Health of Your Employees

What is Workplace Health?

Protecting your employees from infection and disease, promoting healthy lifestyle choices, and managing the health of your employees are all critical components to building a healthy workplace. Workplace Health focuses on the well-being of employees, rather than just the healthcare concerns related to a work task or activity.

Why Invest in Workplace Health?

More than 54% of Americans have postponed visiting the doctor because it is inconvenient, and the top reason for delaying a visit is the inability to take time off from work.1 By offering personalized workplace health options, your employees can maintain and improve their health while performing essential job responsibilities.

In addition to creating a healthier environment, employers can experience significant cost-savings to their bottom line. Among employers who have onsite health centers, 64% are currently realizing savings because of less time lost seeing external medical providers and reduced emergency room use.1

Offering employee-centered workplace health benefits can:

How to Get Started

Henry Schein Medical offers the workplace health products and solutions you need to maintain a healthy workforce. Whether your staff is remote, hybrid, or in-office, you count on your employees to get the job done. Make sure your employees can count on you to keep them healthy and safe.

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Quality Medical Products for Every Workplace

As health care becomes more consumer-driven, employee-centered workforces are rapidly emerging to keep up with developing health-related needs. While promoting a healthy lifestyle is essential, protecting your workforce from acute illness with workplace health products is vital.

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Pick, Pack, and Ship

With over 3,000 supplier partners, Henry Schein Medical's vendor approval process consists of strict regulatory guidelines to ensure the highest quality FDA-approved products are selected. Our five distribution centers around the country are ready to pick, pack, and ship your essential workplace health products, with many customers serviced the next day.


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