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Medical Exam Gloves

Medical Exam Gloves

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Medical Exam Gloves

Licensed Medical Professionals turn to Henry Schein as their source for Medical Exam Gloves.

Henry Schein Medical is a leading distributor to health care providers and does not sell or distribute product to non-medical professionals or the general public.

Explore the various Medical Exam Gloves we carry below:

Henry Schein is a leading supplier of medical exam gloves. There are two major factors when selecting the proper medical glove: barrier protection and allergen content. Henry Schein keeps in consideration that all patients are different, therefor we manufacture and carry a wide variety of exam gloves including:

The CDC guidelines states that all healthcare professionals should wear gloves when coming into contact with blood, bodily fluids and or when other hazardous waste may be a possibility. Henry Schein has hundreds of varieties of different styles and sizes of exam gloves at competitive prices. Learn more about our products or log in to start purchasing.

Safe Glove Removal

The CDC's recommendation for safe glove removal is:

  1. Grasp the outside of one glove at the wrist. Do not touch your bare skin.
  2. Peel the glove away from your body, pulling it inside out.
  3. Hold the glove you just removed in your gloved hand.
  4. Peel off the second glove by putting your fingers inside the glove at the top of your wrist.
  5. Turn the second glove inside out while pulling it away from your body, leaving the first glove inside the second.
  6. Dispose of the gloves safely. Do not reuse the gloves.
  7. Clean your hands immediately after removing gloves.

For more information on glove removal visit the CDC's website

Henry Schein Brand Exam Gloves

In addition to the wide variety of exam gloves manufactured by reputable companies in the medical industry, Henry Schein's private brand label Criterion® is designed to meet all of your medical practice needs.

Criterion® Latex Exam Gloves

Henry Schein

  • Manufacturing process that infuses synthetic polymer into latex to provide superior elasticity
  • Exceptional strength and durability
  • Easy donning
  • Improved tactile sensitivity with greater gripping characteristics
  • Non-chlorinated
  • Eco-friendly box design

Purchase Latex Exam Gloves

Criterion® Latex Exam Gloves - Henry Schein Medical

Criterion® Nitrile Exam Gloves

Henry Schein

  • 100% synthetic nitrile, non-latex and odor free
  • Soft and elastic
  • Eliminates latex allergies
  • Textured surface for easy grip and maximum comfort
  • Exceptional resistance to tear, puncture and chemical exposure
  • Improved tactile sensitivity and dexterity
  • Eco-friendly box design

Purchase Nitrile Exam Gloves

Criterion® Nitrile Exam - Henry Schein Medical

Criterion® Vinyl Exam Gloves

Henry Schein

  • Odorless
  • Natural latex-free, eliminating latex allergens
  • Maximum tactile sensitivity
  • Eliminates powder related complications and irritations
  • Eco-friendly box design

Purchase Vinyl Exam Gloves

Criterion® Vinyl Exam Gloves - Henry Schein Medical

Henry Schein Criterion®

For more information concerning medical exam gloves and other exam gloves, visit our request for info page. When you need to purchase medical exam gloves, look to Henry Schein. We offer you a large selection of products at competitive prices. Stock up on your medical exam gloves now!

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