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Ultrasound Machines | Ultrasound Machines

Ultrasound Machines | Ultrasound Machines

Ultrasound Machines, Systems, and Equipment

Non-invasive diagnostic tools are one of the cornerstones to quality care. As you begin planning your next ultrasound equipment purchase, consider the following ultrasound equipment options by GE Healthcare.

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Portable Handheld Vscan Air™

Wireless, handheld ultrasound that helps you make clinical decisions by quickly ruling in or out a variety of conditions.

  • Optimized for the most common physician exams to support a range of adult and pediatric applications
  • See into the whole body with a simple flip of the two-sided probe
  • Helps you accelerate clinical decisions and perform simple procedures

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Portable Handheld Vscan Air™

GE Healthcare Versana Active™

The Versana Active™ ultrasound system delivers the imaging capability of a console in a hand-carried, lightweight package that enables you to take your system to your patients, on premises or remote facilities. This reliable system brings the agility of a laptop unit with the capability for attaching to a cart, while being small enough to fit into tight spaces.

  • Advanced capability in a compact system
  • Whizz one-touch dynamic imaging
  • High spatial contrast resolution
  • InSite™ service technology for fast remote diagnostics and streamlined clinical applications support

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GE Healthcare Versana Active™ - Henry Schein Medical

GE Healthcare Versana Balance™

A complete solution for efficient and practical scans. Intuitive, automated tools simplify exams and streamline patient workflow.

  • Whizz one-touch tuning for continuously optimized imaging
  • Fast reconstruction of anatomical sweeps with 4D image rendering of all 3 planes
  • Scan Assistant technology to aid in maximizing exam consistency
  • Thyroid Productivity and Auto Bladder tools

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GE Healthcare Versana Balance™ - Henry Schein Medical

GE Healthcare Vivid T9

The Vivid T9 Ultra Edition introduces new AI-based technology to help facilitate improved workflow.

  • Manual caliper measurements can be completed with 3 clicks: Freeze - Measure - Auto
  • EchoPAC Software Only and EchoPAC Plug-in for customized workflow integration
  • Embedded SonoDefense to help keep data safe and functional in the face of cyberthreats

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GE Healthcare Vivid T9 - Henry Schein Medical

GE Healthcare Vivid S70

Designed to help you overcome demanding clinical challenges with all-new AI-based technology.

  • Clinical specialties include interventional, pediatrics, cardiology, and echo lab
  • Advanced ultrasound technology for difficult clinical cases
  • 4D color flow rendering for volumetric flow perception and semi-transparent visualization

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GE Healthcare Vivid S70 - Henry Schein Medical

GE Healthcare LOGIQ™ P9

Personalized, Patient-Centric and Powerful

  • Color-coded elastogram display/2D Shear Wave Elastography
  • Added efficiency via personalized workflow tools and automation
  • Great penetration and contrast sensitivity (Aptitude Modulation Technique)
  • Ultrasound-Guided Attenuation Parameter (UGAP) for NAFLD assessments

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GE Healthcare LOGIQ™ P9 - Henry Schein Medical

Ultrasound Machines from The Venue Family

GE Healthcare Venue Ultrasound

Built for durability, even in hectic environments including ER, Critical Care and Pediatrics.

  • 19-inch locking articulating monitor
  • Smaller footprint allows for easy maneuvering in tight spaces
  • Smooth and seamless surface supports infection control efforts
  • Flexible, rotatable swivel arm

GE Healthcare Venue Go™

Created for point-of-care, adapting to your unique challenges.

  • 15.6-inch repositionable touch screen
  • Flexible design allows you to go from cart to table to boom with ease
  • Battery powered 2-hour active scan time with color-changing battery indicator

GE Healthcare Venue FIT™

Designed to fit your space and your needs.

  • Small but powerful- the smallest footprint in the Venue family
  • Allows for cart, kickstand or standard VESA connection options
  • Simple gesture interface- touch, pinch, swipe