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Capital Medical Equipment White Glove Service

Capital Medical Equipment White Glove Service

Specialized Care for Your Capital Equipment Purchase

When you choose White Glove services from Henry Schein Medical, you can be assured an elevated level of care and attention. We'll monitor each touchpoint, from ordering to delivery, helping to guide your valuable capital equipment purchase throughout its logistical journey.

From special shipping considerations to unique installation requirements, our team will coordinate the entire procurement process according to your timeline and delivery needs.

Top 5 Reasons to Consider White Glove Equipment Services from Henry Schein Medical

  1. Pre-Delivery Planning — Specialty equipment requires special handling. And, without proper planning, your delivery could be subject to unexpected delays. We'll work together to confirm all space and load-in constraints have been addressed before arrival. We'll prequalify and confirm all consignee delivery requirements prior to scheduling, and we'll help you evaluate your calendar to ensure your purchase arrives on time and with minimal workflow disruption.
  2. Equipment Staging — Your new equipment should arrive in pristine condition. That's why we perform extensive pre-checks at every step in your order process. Your purchase will be staged by functional area or room, marked appropriately, and double-checked for accuracy. These additional steps help to expedite receiving.
  3. Shipping & Receiving Coordination — Monitoring a large shipment of critical medical equipment while managing a bustling practice can be challenging. Our team of specialists will work closely with suppliers and delivery drivers to coordinate the most advantageous times for delivery. We'll heavily monitor the entire transit process, from pick-up to end-point delivery, helping to minimize any disruption and maximize your ability to provide quality patient care.
  4. Expert Delivery and Setup — We respect your space. Our multi-person delivery team will first verify clearance at all doorway and entry points, covering walls, corners, and floors to protect both the equipment and facility from damage. We'll unbox, assemble, clear debris, and inspect all equipment to ensure it is fully prepared for immediate patient use. If applicable, we'll install any associated sharps containers, glove dispensers, soap dispensers, diagnostic units, etc.
  5. Staff Training & Implementation — Optimize your investment through onsite learning and support. Our Capital Equipment Specialists will help you coordinate product-specific training to ensure your new products perform exactly as they should.