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Immunoassay Diagnostics products from Hitachi Chemical Diagnostics
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Ensure Fast, Accurate Allergy Diagnosis with the Hitachi Immunoassays

Your patients want fast allergy relief, but you can’t begin treatment until you identify which allergens are causing the allergic reaction.

Choose immunoassay products from Hitachi Chemical Diagnostics, including the CLA-1™ Luminometer and the Optigen® Allergen-Specific IgE Assay, for fast results without sacrificing accuracy

CLA-1™ Luminometer and Optigen® Allergen-Specific IgE Assay
CLA-1™ Luminometer and Optigen® Allergen-Specific IgE Assay

CLA-1™ Luminometer and Optigen® Allergen-Specific IgE Assay

Optigen technology from Hitachi Chemical Diagnostics delivers next-generation in vitro testing that delivers a front-line solution leading to early diagnosis of allergy conditions.

The Optigen assay offers:

  • A design that requires less serum
  • Results that are accurate, reliable, and reproducible
  • Results that correlate well with skin testing and single allergen systems.
  • An ideal allergy-testing option for pediatric practices

With a three-step process and same-day results, the Optigen requires minimal training and provides plenty of "walk-away" time, allowing staff to perform other duties.

The panel format also decreases "handling" for technicians. The results are determined by loading the Optigen Pette into the state-of-the-art CLA-1™ Luminometer. The Pette panel contains up to 36 cellulose threads, each bound with a selected allergen.

The compact, bench-top CLA-1 Luminometer measures the amount of chemiluminescent light1 emitted by the reaction to each allergen. In less than ten minutes it can analyze up to 180 allergens.

After analysis, the CLA-1 Luminometer automatically prints a complete report that lists the tested allergens and the severity of the patient’s response.

To ensure reliable test results, the CLA-1 Luminometer performs a self-diagnostic check every time it’s powered up. System status is displayed on a digital screen.

The CLA-1 Luminometer is FDA-cleared and CE-marked, and has shown consistent performance and accuracy in laboratories around the world.

Click here for the CLA-1™ Luminometer and Optigen® Allergen-Specific IgE Assay brochure.

Please contact your Henry Schein Sales Consultant at 1-800-772-4346 for our full offering of CLA® Allergy Tests.

1. Chemiluminescence is one of the most sensitive detection systems available. This allows for the detection of very low levels of IgE in the patient serum.