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Irrigation Solutions

B. Braun Medical - Sterile Water Irrigation Solution 1000mL
B. Braun Medical - Sodium Chloride .9% Injection Irrigation Solution 1000mL Excel®
B. Braun Medical - Lactated Ringers Irrigation Solution 1000mL
Hospira Worldwide - Acetic Acid .25% Irrigation Solution 250mL
Akorn Inc. - Tropicamide Ophthalmic Irrigation Solution

Henry Schein Medical carries all types of irrigating solutions for your medical applications. Available in a variety of sizes including 120mL, 250mL, 500mL, 1000mL, 2000mL and 3000mL, our irrigating solutions come in Excel® containers, flexible containers, Aqualite® bottles and Plastic Irrigation Containers® and more, each designed to minimize waste and maximize convenience.

Excel® Containers
Manufactured by B. Braun, Medical Excel® Containers contain zero plastics and are made up of a rubberized copolymer of ethylene and propylene that prevents it from shattering. This sterile water irrigating solution is a closed system preventing environment contamination. Use as directed.

Flexible Containers
Similar to IV bags, this latex free container is sure to keep contaminants away. In one study these containers proved to have less residual than those of semi-rigid containers. Flexible containers come in a variety of sizes and ready to use. Use as directed.

Aqualite® Bottles
Aqualite semi-rigid containers, manufactured by Hospira, come in various sizes ranging from 250mL-1000mL. This easy to pour irrigating solution comes in a latex-free container. The square shape prevents it from rolling and if dropped the bottle will stay intact. Use as directed.

Plastic Irrigation Container (PIC™)
PIC™ manufactured by B. Braun is ready for immediate use. PVC and DEHP free, this light weight container is designed for easy-to-use pour. Available in several different sizes, this shatter proof container keeps environment contaminations out. Use as directed.

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Purchase Irrigation Solutions

At henry Schein we offer a variety of different types of irrigating solutions for all procedures. We understand that you serve a variety of patients and each patient has a unique demand. Some of our products include:

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