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Community Health Centers | Supplies Solutions

Community Health Centers | Supplies Solutions

We're Focused on Helping You Delivery Quality Care to Your Community Health Center

Expanding access to care to millions of new and existing patients requires partnerships that address the unique needs of America's Community Health Centers. Through our comprehensive solutions, Henry Schein Medical is dedicated to helping Health Centers optimize and expand quality, cost-effective care to the communities in which they serve.

How Do We Help CHCs?

  • Coordinated and integrated solutions with a single, accountable source for all products and services
  • Highest quality medical supplies and equipment
  • Unmatched EMR/practice management solutions to help streamline your data and deliver increased efficiencies
  • Discounted purchasing plans for medical and oral health supplies
  • Partnerships with the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC), purchasing groups and local state associations
  • Authorized distributor for the 340B and Prime Vendor Programs
  • Online ordering for budget monitoring, purchasing controls, CHC approval process, assigning purchase orders, tracking and purchase analysis reports
  • World-class distribution capabilities that support over 120,000 Community Health Centers and health-care offices
  • Superior customer service, including 99% of all orders being shipped the same day and 99% fulfillment rate
  • 24/7 customer ordering options including Web, mail, fax, telephone, and EDI

Community Health Center Guide

Inside the CHC Guide, you will find all of the latest CHC news, educational material, as well as key medical supplies, equipment, and products that can help your team treat the significant number of medical patients that visit your Community Health Center. You can Rely on Us to help you improve your organization's capabilities and performance.

Health Center Design, Planning, and Education

Over the past 30 years, Henry Schein has provided the products, services, and support to help Community Health Centers expand their facilities, to ensure that you can continue to help deliver increased efficiencies, increased comfort for your staff and patients, and improved patient care to your community. Our team of experienced CHC specialists will work through the whole process with you, to ensure that all your expectations and timelines are met successfully.

Learn more about Henry Schein Medical's Community Health Center Design, Planning, and Education solutions here.

Medical Supplies and Equipment

Providing your CHC with superior medical products and equipment while keeping your bottom line in mind is our specialty. As your one-stop-shop for your CHC supply needs, we'll ensure your budget is maximized to its fullest potential, so you can focus on serving patients in your community.

Discover the benefits of purchasing through Henry Schein Medical here.

Telehealth Offerings

As a CHC, you know connecting your community to care is important. Our telemedicine platform, Medpod was designed with highly versatile configurations to support video visits and diagnostic tools including:

  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Web-based, clinical decision support
  • Online scheduling & pre-arrival patient intake and registration system

340B Program

We're Dedicated to Helping You Deliver Quality Care to the Community

With Henry Schein's 340B Plus, accessing reduced drug pricing for your Community Health Center is our upmost priority. Our 90 years of experience and expertise will help you maximize the value from the 340B and Prime Vendor Program. The benefits for Community Health Centers are clear: 340B Program savings will fund more services and increase access to care to new patients.

Learn more about our 340B program here.

Prevention and Wellness For The Future - Henry Schein

Henry Schein Cares

Our focus on prevention and wellness includes partnering with nonprofit organizations to expand access to care.

Social Responsibility - Henry Schein

Social Responsibility

Henry Schein Cares supports local and global programs that provide needed primary care services to at-risk populations.

Health Center Partnership - Henry Schein

Health Center Partnerships

We help health centers throughout the country reduce costs and remain competitive.

Dentrix: EDR for Health Centers - Henry Schein

Dentrix Enterprise

Learn more about Dentrix, the leading electronic dental record (EDR) solution installed in CHCs.

Marketing and PR Tips for your CHC

According to the National Association of Community Health Centers, approximately 62 million Americans lack access to primary care because of a variety of factors that include geography, income and a shortage of available doctors. Nearly half (42 percent) are low-income and 28 percent live in rural areas.

As statistics continue to highlight the challenge so many faces to receive health care, they also reinforce the importance of improving access to care. This is an opportunity to share the value community health centers can bring to underserved communities who are in desperate need of resources. In order to promote the unique and invaluable services your CHC provides, Henry Schein, Inc.'s Corporate Communications Team offers the following PR and Marketing tactics to help raise your profile within the community you serve.


1. Create a Media List
a. If you do not have media relationships, start by identifying key contacts at your daily/weekly community and business newspapers who cover community news, events and health care topics, as well as assignment editors and health reporters at your local CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC and CW TV affiliates, in addition to your local radio station's public affairs directors. You can find contact information by 1) visiting the websites of your local media and looking for the Contact Us tab, which will give you at least a starting point; some sites will link to the entire 'team' or 'staff' of 'editorial' contacts; 2) reaching out to your local Chamber of Commerce for a list of reporter names and numbers 3) googling your town or city's Wikipedia page as these sites often feature a Media section listing the names of publications

2. Develop and distribute Media Materials
a. Once contacts are identified, build a rapport with local media so your CHC stays top of mind for future press opportunities. To help feed this ongoing dialogue, develop 1) Press Releases when you are announcing an upcoming event, which can be sent to Calendar & Event editors, as well as to announce major news that can benefit the local community 2) Media Advisories to be sent to local print and broadcast press the week of your event, outlining the 'who,' what,' 'where,' when' and 'why' of your event to attract media to be onsite, and then make following up calls to the general number, and ask for the 'newsroom' or 'newsdesk' 3) after events, send event summaries with photos for post-coverage 4) Bylined Article that address a health care trend or concern 5) Public Service Announcements that can be shared with radio and TV in hopes that they will air on these local stations for further promotion of an event or health care topic, typically used to promote a call to action or to reinforce tips the community can consider during a time of year or health observance (Ex. For National Community Health Center Week, CHC [Name] offers the following tips to engage in healthy, active lifestyles...)

3. Create and utilize Social Media channels (Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Hangout, YouTube, etc)
a. Create a Facebook and Twitter account if you have the manpower to continuously feed text and multimedia content that will help increase Facebook 'Likes,' 'Friends,' 'Fans' and 'Shares' and Twitter 'Followers,' 'Favorites' and 'Retweets.' These profiles will help generate more exposure for your CHC. Content may include CHC news and announcements, videos and pictures from recent events, articles from national newspapers and journals that educate your online audience about important health issues. Similar content can be shared on LinkedIn and YouTube pages. Google Hangouts is essentially a video interview using a web camera and Gmail account, best offered to reporters who may be interested to feature this multimedia content on their website. Also, consider hosting a blog that can be found on your website, featuring testimonials from community members who have reaped the benefits of your service. Blog posts can be shared on social media channels by uploading the link when there are new posts to promote.

4. Organized Events (Breakfasts, Receptions, etc.)
a. Consider events hosted at CHCs that will help bring more people through the door. Events may include media receptions where local reporters can attend to learn more about the CHC and to tour the facility. Host informational events that are open to the public so they can find out more information and provide you with feedback with services that are most in need or are lacking for community.

As community health centers committed to improving access to care for individuals and families, consider all your communications channels to help raise awareness in your community and drive more patient traffic from those most in need. If you have any questions about marketing and public relations strategies, please feel free to email Together, we can "help health happen."

What is a Community Health Center?

A Community Health Center (CHC) is a healthcare facility that provides medical, dental, and behavioral health services to individuals and families in a specific geographic area. CHCs are typically located in underserved communities, where access to healthcare may be limited.

CHCs are designed to provide affordable and accessible healthcare to individuals who may not have insurance or who have limited financial resources. These centers receive funding from various sources, including the federal government, state and local governments, and private donations. In return, CHCs provide comprehensive primary care services to their patients, regardless of their ability to pay.

Types of Healthcare Provided by CHCs

The primary focus of a CHC is to provide preventive care and manage chronic health conditions:

  • Primary care: CHCs offer a wide range of primary care services, including physical exams, vaccinations, and treatment for acute and chronic illnesses.
  • Dental care: Many CHCs have on-site dental clinics that provide preventive and restorative dental services.
  • Behavioral health services: CHCs provide mental health services, including counseling, therapy, and medication management.
  • Specialty care: CHCs may offer specialized care, such as obstetrics and gynecology services, pediatrics, and geriatrics.
  • Outreach and education: CHCs provide outreach and education programs to promote healthy lifestyles and prevent illness.

CHCs are staffed by a variety of healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, dentists, dental hygienists, and behavioral health specialists. These professionals work collaboratively to provide comprehensive care to patients.

CHCs Take a Patient-Centered Approach to Care

One of the unique aspects of CHCs is their patient-centered approach to care. CHCs emphasize patient engagement, communication, and involvement in healthcare decision-making. Patients are encouraged to take an active role in their care and are provided with education and resources to help them manage their health.

Community Health Centers Take an Active Role in the Community

In addition to providing care to patients, CHCs play an essential role in the community. They often collaborate with community organizations and local government agencies to address social determinants of health, such as housing, transportation, and access to healthy food. CHCs may also provide services such as health screenings, health fairs, and community events to promote health and wellness in the community.

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