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Go green solutions and products offering

Go green solutions and products offering

Together, We're Making Health Happen

At Henry Schein, protecting the richness and beauty of our planet is a key pillar of our commitment to "helping health happen." Whether our Team Schein Members are finding new ways to conserve energy at the workplace or improving our facilities to receive LEED certification, we continue to support programs that reduce our carbon footprint and promote sustainability. Check out our catalog of environmentally friendly and green-certified products, including medical, cleaning, office, and sanitary supplies.

Managing Our Environmental Footprint

We believe that an important part of helping health happen is protecting the health of our environment. We embrace environmental stewardship by:

  • Better managing our energy consumption. We have made significant improvements to the energy efficiency of the lighting at our facilities, such as:
    • Replacing all the metal halide parking lot light fixtures with technologically advanced LED site lighting at our headquarters in Melville, NY
    • Installing motion-activated light sensors throughout our offices
    • Reducing energy consumption by more than 28% at U.S. distribution centers
  • Supporting the use of recycled material in our facilities throughout the world. We have programs to recycle aluminum, glass, computers, electronic equipment, printers, and toner cartridges. Henry Schein's shipping cartons are made from recycled material, which require less energy and material to manufacture. Our distribution centers also purchase ecofriendly and recycled supplies including copy paper, printer cartridges, packing dunnage, corrugated material, and cleaning products. Our distribution centers also recycle everything from plastic bottles to pallets.
  • Achieving LEED certification at our facilities. The Melville East building, one of two buildings that comprise Henry Schein's world headquarters on Long Island, New York, was awarded LEED® Silver Certification in the Building Operations and Maintenance rating system in 2015. The second building, Melville West, was awarded LEED Silver Certification in 2013. This certification recognizes the continued efforts of the company's corporate offices to conserve energy and water, reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions, and to be safer and healthier for team members. Specifically, Melville East replaced outdated and inefficient fuel oil boilers with two new condensing-style dual-fuel boilers for improved equipment efficiency. Meanwhile, Melville West added a "cool roof" membrane made of a single-ply, tri-polymer alloy with reflective characteristics, thereby reducing our reliance on air conditioning to control temperatures.
  • Supporting the environmental sustainability efforts of our customers. We encourage the "greening" of health professionals' offices, create office spaces that meet world-recognized sustainability and green design standards, and support the reduction of our customers' total carbon footprint with the use of ecofriendly products through our Global Reflections program. Henry Schein partners with transportation operations that participate in the EPA's "SmartWay" program, a public private collaboration that helps us transport our goods in the cleanest, most efficient way possible.

Leadership in Greener Purchasing Award

Henry Schein received a Leadership in Greener Purchasing Award from Office Depot. Henry Schein was one of 28 award winners out of 17,000 Office Depot customers, and the award gave special recognition to Henry Schein for its leadership in purchasing of LEED-related products.

Environmentally friendly and green-certified products

Henry Schein's Global Reflections program helps dental and medical practices "go green" by offering a catalog of environmentally friendly and green-certified products, including medical, cleaning, office, and sanitary supplies.

Ansell® - Encore Perry Style
Ansell® - GAMMEX®
Wooden Mallet
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For more information concerning green-certified products or other products on the Henry Schein Medical website, visit our request for info page and we will gladly be able to assist you and your practice.