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Physician's Office Lab

Physician's Office Lab

Physician Office Lab - Henry Schein Medical

Physician Office Laboratory (POL) Solutions, Support, and Supplies from Henry Schein

Rapid changes in our healthcare landscape have placed an emphasis on accurate and quick diagnosis to improve patient outcomes. Henry Schein can assist with the tools to help you make effective decisions, increase efficiencies, and achieve those goals. Whether you are CLIA-waived, or a moderately complex or highly complex physician office lab, we have the portfolio of options to meet all environments.

We carry the analyzers, instruments, and reagents at the point of care to assist in disease state management. We carry options so you can choose what best fits your practice needs, from diabetes to infectious disease. Our rapid diagnostics test kits can help you with antimicrobial/antibiotic stewardship guidelines. Plus, we have lab equipment and furniture to get the test done as well as lab supplies—everything from obtaining the specimen to processing materials to getting the final result!

Is a cytology/histology lab a part of your practice? We carry cytology/histology lab equipment, stains, reagents, and consumables to process all your tissue and cell samples!

To order lab products, contact a Henry Schein Representative at 1-800-P-SCHEIN, 8am–8:30pm ET.

Download Henry Schein laboratory Supply Guide

Download a Supply Guide

View our most popular diagnostic testing options and laboratory supplies.

Lab Analyzers for Clinical Lab

Lab Analyzers for Clinical Lab

View an array of analyzers from brands including Alere, Abbott, Roche, Horiba, Beckman Coulter, and more.

Rapid Diagnostic Kits for Clinical Lab

Rapid Diagnostic Kits for Clinical Lab

Rapid diagnostic tests from leading brands including Alere, BD, Sekisui, and Quidel.