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Lab Equipment & Lab Supplies

Lab Equipment & Lab Supplies

Lab Equipment & Lab Supplies | Henry Schein Brand

Outfit Your Laboratory Setting with Henry Schein Brand Products & Equipment

From day-to-day applications to complex diagnostic evaluations, medical labs require a wide range of products and equipment. Accuracy and efficiency are of the utmost importance and a technician’s ability to provide quick results can make a meaningful difference in a patient’s outcome.

Our wide selection of Henry Schein Brand products ensures you’ll always be well stocked with the diagnostic tools, equipment, and supplies you need. From rapid tests, analyzers and glucose meters to centrifuges, mixers, microscopes and rockers, our carefully curated portfolio is perfectly suited for physician-based practices, health systems, clinical laboratories, and patient service systems.

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Lab Supplies - Henry Schein Medical

Lab Supplies

Henry Schein Brand offers high-quality microscope slides, phlebotomy trays, specimen collectors as well as denatured alcohol for cytology and histology usage.

Rapid Diagnostics - Henry Schein Medical

Rapid Diagnostics

Our diagnostic test kit portfolio is filled with the tools you need to make rapid and reliable treatment decisions. We carry a multitude of options including pregnancy, flu, IFOB, FIT, mono, strep, urinalysis and more.

Henry Schein Brand Blood Collection - Henry Schein Medical

Blood Collection

Our needles are engineered for safety. Optimize your blood collection efforts by using Henry Schein Brand needles.

For more information on Henry Schein Private Brand Pressure-Activated Safety Lancets, reference our downloadable Pressure-Activated Safety Lancets .

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From the classic microscope which helps to identify microorganisms including bacteria to centrifuge equipment used to separate relative density mixtures, isolate blood cells and other components, Henry Schein Brand equipment is designed to meet your specific laboratory needs.

Readers & Analyzers - Henry Schein Medical

Readers & Analyzers

Trusted by physicians and their patients, our glucose & urinalysis readers, analyzers, and specialty tests provide fast and accurate results at the point-of-care.

Lab Equipment - Henry Schein Medical

Lab Equipment

Our centrifuges, microscopes, mixers, and rockers are built to provide exceptional quality and are designed with the versatility, accuracy, and sophistication worthy of the Henry Schein name.

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The Henry Schein Brand Reference Guide is designed to provide a quick reference to the most-requested Henry Schein branded products in our portfolio.

How Often Should I Replace My Medical Laboratory Equipment?

The importance of quality lab equipment can be observed in nearly every facet of medical care. From simple blood tests to complex diagnostics, laboratory equipment must be carefully calibrated and regularly checked to ensure precise diagnostic assistance.

Lab equipment, when treated with care, can have a long lifespan. However, if your equipment is in regular use, underutilized, or utilized by multiple technicians, a consistent maintenance schedule may be indicated. To determine frequency, first consider the sensitivity and complexity of the instrument. Does it have small parts that require cleaning? Is part alignment critical to testing accuracy?

If your equipment has multiple users, ensure each is trained on the correct way to use the tool. Multiple users may mean multiple adjustments are being made to match the style and pace of the technician. While this is normal, it will create wear and tear on the instrument. Consider a monthly maintenance schedule to ensure your equipment continues to function as intended. If your laboratory equipment begins showing signs of wear, including a frequent loss of calibration, a replacement is indicated.