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Cold Storage Equipment

Cold Storage Equipment

Medical Cold Storage Equipment - Henry Schein Medical

Medical Cold Storage Equipment

Whether it’s for vaccine storage, nutritional preserving, temperature monitoring, or general purpose refrigeration, Henry Schein has the cold storage products you need. Click through any of the links below to explore our top sellers from some of the most recognizable brands in the industry!

Medical Refrigerators - Henry Schein Medical
Medical Refrigerators

Find a unit that meets CDC and VFC (Vaccines for Children) requirements for all your vaccines.

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Medical Freezers - Henry Schein Medical
Medical Freezers

Our line of freezers includes units that can reliably reach ultra-low temperatures.

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Medical refrigerator freezer combos - Henry Schein Medical
Refrigerator/Freezer Combos

Combo units that offer convenience while delivering protective storage for all sensitive medical supplies and vaccines.

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Medical cold storage temperature monitoring - Henry Schein Medical
Temperature Monitoring

Ensure the integrity of your vaccine cold chain with accurate temperature monitoring devices.

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