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Prevention and Wellness

Prevention and Wellness

Focused on Prevention and Wellness For The Future

The Henry Schein Cares Foundation "helps health happen" by expanding access to care for at-risk and underserved populations globally through the support of not-for-profit organizations, institutions, and communities dedicated to increasing the delivery of health education and care. The work of the Henry Schein Cares Foundation targets those with some of the most limited access to care through a focus on three areas: wellness, prevention, and treatment; emergency preparedness and relief; and capacity building.

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Healthy Lifestyles, Healthy Communities® (HLHC) Program

The Henry Schein Cares Foundation, in association with Henry Schein, Inc., offers grants and supplies to community health organizations to provide free medical and dental services throughout the country under the banner of "Healthy Lifestyles, Healthy Communities®." Successful projects will promote access to health care, wellness, and prevention for under-served communities at events around the country that are fun and engaging for the community.

Healthy Lifestyles, Healthy Communities® also is supported by Henry Schein's supplier partners.

Healthy Lifestyles, Healthy Communities

Give Kids A Smile Program

Henry Schein recognizes that service extends beyond the workplace to our home communities. This spirit of corporate citizenship is exemplified through Henry Schein Cares, our global social responsibility program, which seeks to narrow the disparity in the delivery of health care services and information to underserved communities in the United States and abroad.

Every year, dentists and dental team members around the country team up on Give Kids A Smile Day to provide a range of dental services and educational programs for underserved children, while highlighting for policy makers the ongoing challenges that low-income and disabled children face in accessing dental care.

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Give Kids A Smile Program

Henry Schein, Inc.'s Global Product Donation program

Henry Schein, Inc.'s Global Product Donation program provides a broad selection of health care products and supplies to community medical or dental organizations. All products are new and usable, although in many instances, they may be imperfectly packaged. Participating organizations will receive a product selection based on the type of service that each organization provides (medical and/or dental) for two years. Each participating organization typically receives large pallets of product donations valued at $5,000–$25,000.

Based on the discretion of Henry Schein Cares, organizations may apply for a renewal at the end of each two-year cycle. The Henry Schein Cares Foundation serves as the administrator of the program.

The Global Product Donation program does not offer financial grants. The types and quantities of available supplies will vary and does not generally include pharmaceutical products, including drugs and vitamins. However, under certain circumstances when these types of products are available, the participating organization will be notified before any shipment is sent. The Global Product Donation program does not accommodate requests for specific products or items.

Henry Schein, Inc.'s Global Product Donation program

Henry Schein Cares Medal

Henry Schein believes in the concept of doing well by doing good. We also know that we cannot do good by ourselves. Our work is enriched by the dental and medical practitioners who volunteer their time and talent to care for those in need. To celebrate their work, and to encourage others to follow in their footsteps, we have established the Henry Schein Cares Medal, which recognizes excellence in expanding access to health care for the underserved.

Henry Schein Cares Medal

For any questions regarding Henry Schein Community Health Centers, request info and we will gladly be able to assist you and your practice.