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OBGYN Ultrasound

OBGYN Ultrasound

Ultrasound equipment for OBGYN

Ultrasound equipment to meet your OBGYN practice needs

Our ultrasound portfolio includes Samsung and Siemens units that are designed to provide the information you need to make quick and accurate assessments. Let us help you select the right ultrasound equipment to meet your practice needs.

Samsung Ultrasound

Samsung H60

The H60 is a high-resolution system designed to perform 2D, 3D, and 4D ultrasound. The slender design makes H60 the perfect fit for the office environment. The system incorporates advanced hybrid beam-forming technology, as well as a selection of innovative image processing tools to meet your OBGYN needs.

Samsung WS80A

The WS80A is top of the line in the Samsung OBGYN lineup, which is empowered by the world class Samsung digital technologies and its unique 3/4D technologies and OBGYN dedicated automation technologies, 5D.

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Samsung HS50

2D imaging is fundamental to ultrasound exams. The HS50 uses Samsung's innovative imaging engine and single crystal transducers to deliver superior imaging.

Samsung SonoAce R7
SonoAce R7

Get outstanding 2D color performance and a simple user interface with this system, ensuring an increase in patient output. The SonoAce R7 is innovative, ergonomic, and offers sensitive waves and color Doppler.

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SIEMENS Ultrasound


Created with clinical reliability, process efficiency, and future sustainability in mind, the ACUSON NX2™ ultrasound system is a smart-inspired solution, providing premium imaging performance across clinical applications.

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Built specifically around the way you work, the ACUSON NX3™ ultrasound system is simple and uncomplicated, yet powerful. When form meets function, the result is an intuitive and smart ultrasound system that will help promote your highest levels of performance.

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