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Infection Control Products & Supplies

Infection Control Products & Supplies

infection control products - Henry Schein Medical

Prevent and Control the Spread of Infection with Henry Schein Brand Products

Maintaining a healthy and germ-free environment is critical to providing worry-free patient care. However, keeping infection and transmission risks low can be a challenge. That’s why our Henry Schein brand PPE products, cleaners, disinfectants, and sterilizers are designed to help ensure your frontline is always protected.

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Our signature series of PPE, includes our best-selling Criterion™ gloves, isolation gowns, aprons, surgical masks, and eyewear.

Criterion™ Medical Gloves - Henry Schein Medical

Criterion™ Medical Gloves

For exceptional protection, fit, and value, select Henry Schein Brand Criterion™ Gloves. Choose from latex, nitrile, vinyl, polychloroprene, and polyisoprene.

PPE & Disposable Garments - Henry Schein Medical

PPE & Disposable Garments

Henry Schein Brand offers Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to guard against infection and contamination. From lab coats and jackets to surgical gowns, masks, eyewear and shoe covers, you’re always covered with Henry Schein.

Hand Care - Henry Schein Medical

Hand Care

Your hands are the most important tool in your practice. Keep them clean and germ free with our Maxiclens™ liquid soaps, dispensers, antimicrobial skin cleansers, antibacterial foams and pumps.

Lower your risk of infection transmission by pairing your personal protection efforts with Henry Schein Brand infection prevention products, including cleaners, surface disinfectants, sterilant solutions, and surface barriers help keep your facility clean, while reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

Surface Disinfectants - Henry Schein Medical

Surface Disinfectants

Reduce the risk of infection with our fast-acting cleaners and disinfectants including MaxiSpray™ surface sprays, and Maxiwipes™ germicidal cloths.

Instrument Reprocessing - Henry Schein Medical

Instrument Reprocessing

Clean quickly and effectively with our vast selection of fast-acting solutions including general purpose cleaners, MaxiZyme™ liquid detergents, tablets, and stain removers.

Sterilization Processing - Henry Schein Medical

Sterilization Processing

From autoclave bags and self-seal pouches to our popular MaxiCide™ disinfectant, we have the products you need to help ensure instruments are properly sterilized & disinfected.

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The Henry Schein Brand Reference Guide is designed to provide a quick reference to the most-requested Henry Schein branded products in our portfolio.

Infection Prevention Matters- Understanding Transmission in Health Care Settings

Preventing infection transmission is essential in any health care setting. Patients, and those who care for them, can be especially vulnerable to viral and bacterial contamination if they have underlying medical conditions, take certain medications, are immune compromised, have open wounds, surgical incisions, etc. Lowering infection risk and controlling the spread of infection can be a lifesaving measure.

There are many ways for germs to travel in health care settings.¹ Inhalation, direct contact, unintentional sprays, splashes and sharps injuries are among the most common pathways.

  • Direct Contact - If a health care worker’s hands become contaminated, or any high-touch surface becomes contaminated, each can become a conduit for further infection and spread. MRSA and VRE are example of this type of spread.
  • Splashes and Sprays- Droplets can carry germs great distances and are easily inhaled at close range. As evidenced with Covid-19, Flu and other viruses, an infected person’s sneeze or cough droplets may travel to the eyes, nose, or mouth of another individual. They may also land on nearby surfaces that others may then touch and spread again.
  • Inhalation- Aerosolized germs can travel great distances and survive through air currents. Dust, medical equipment exhaust, sneezing, coughing, and talking can facilitate the spread of disease.