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What We Offer

What We Offer

What We Offer - Henry Schein Medical

What We Offer for a Stronger Business Today...and Strategic Growth Tomorrow

Brad Clark, Henry Schein Medical GM of Strategic Accounts, describes the value of our Fully Integrated Service Team in the evolving health care landscape.

We're your partner for strategic growth. Discover the benefits of the Henry Schein Medical partnership:

Learn - Henry Schein Medical

WE LEARN about your practice or organization, including its current place in the market and its goals.

Consult - Henry Schein Medical

WE CONSULT on best practices to chart a course for your best future.

Align - Henry Schein Medical

WE ALIGN your needs with the appropriate supplies, products, and practice solutions.

Connect - Henry Schein Medical

WE CONNECT you with our internal specialists and teams who offer proven, seasoned advice.

Measure - Henry Schein Medical

WE MEASURE improvement efforts, deliver business reviews and updates, and propose next steps.

Henry Schein Medical

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You're in the business of health. You make a difference in the lives of your patients—and the quality of life in your community.

But the business of health is also a business. You put your patients first, but you're also keeping an eye on the bottom line. Whether you're a single-doctor practice, a group of specialty clinics, or an integrated delivery network spread across multiple states, every day you face a swarm of challenges and threats, including:

  • Rising costs
  • Changes to reimbursements
  • Hiring, recruiting, and training staff
  • Delivering value-based care
  • Billing and coding
  • Contract compliance
  • Unfamiliarity with the latest products
  • Gaps in patient scheduling
  • Marketing to attract new patients

We're here to help. You already know Henry Schein Medical for the wide range of competitively priced medical supplies we offer, but we're much more than a distributor. Our Fully Integrated Service Team will develop a comprehensive blueprint so you can successfully coordinate your disparate non-acute operations.

That means we're your consultant, your business advisor, and your network of resources—including customer service, supply chain, analytics, finance, and highly trained product specialists.

By targeting inefficiencies and recommending improvements that immediately impact your practice, the Henry Schein Medical Fully Integrated Service Team establishes an active interest in your business and advocates for your future success.

What We Offer