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Expert Consultation

Expert Consultation

Health Care Practice Consultation - Henry Schein Medical

Expert Consultation on Best Practices throughout the Continuum of Care

Health care beyond the hospital. We're experiencing a transformation in the health care landscape—you're aware of it, and are likely part of it. The shift toward varied non-acute settings helps meet the needs of an evolving patient population.

But this transformation presents clinical, financial, and operational challenges—from treatment options and compliance to technology and supply chain efficiency. Henry Schein Medical's Fully Integrated Service Team is empowered to partner with you at every level of your business so you can improve the health of both your patients and your bottom line throughout the entire continuum of care, including with:

Health care reimbursement - Henry Schein Medical


Health care cost avoidance - Henry Schein Medical

Cost Avoidance

Health care operational efficiency - Henry Schein Medical

Operational Efficiency

Health care contract compliance - Henry Schein Medical

Contract Compliance

Consultation for Contract Compliance

Sometimes it seems as if there are more contracts to manage than patients, and non-acute contract compliance is complex and requires specific expertise. Henry Schein's custom eCatalog tools help drive non-acute contract compliance. Our eCatalog solution provides a way to define and institute best practices, enhance vendor relationships, manage network controls, and maintain commitment volumes where applicable.

Consultation to Navigate Reimbursement Changes

Henry Schein Medical's Fully Integrated Service Team works to effectively leverage the industry knowledge of our manufacturing partners to ensure all levels of your health care organization are consistently aware of reimbursement and technology changes.

For the Independent Practice

The Henry Schein customer support models advocate and articulate program benefits for independent practices and sites. Henry Schein has specific programs with organizations including the American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), which support independent practices. Through specialized campaigns and initiatives, the customer support teams can assist in driving the value of the independent practice within health care.

These customer support teams include:

  • Field Teams: Henry Schein Field Sales Consultants are regionally based and are assigned to meet the needs and goals of our customers. The consultants visit health care facilities or participate in teleconferences on a regular schedule as required. During these meetings, the consultants can discuss the value of our partner programs by preparing cost analyses and highlighting value-added benefits.
  • Telesales: For customers who require additional support, Henry Schein is supported by more than 100 telesales representatives who manage customer relationships. The telesales representatives have worked with our partner and the medical society partnerships on marketing and enrollment campaigns highlighting the benefits of these programs.
  • Internal Support: Henry Schein has a designated Contracting team for our partners. This team reviews contracts on an ongoing basis and reviews the contract listing to ensure practice locations are accessing eligible contracts and that pricing is consistent across all accounts. The Contracting team also executes the enrollment process, adhering to the Enrollment Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) document.

Henry Schein recognizes that the independent health care facility today seeks a trusted advisor who understands its needs specific to the independent market.

For the Larger Practice, Specialty Practices, and IDNs

The mission of Henry Schein Medical's Fully Integrated Sales Team is to act as hands-on consultants to help you run a better business, including:

  • Managing the customer's custom web catalog, finding lower-cost alternatives, and driving standardization
  • Supporting IDN expansion with onboarding and pricing access
  • Practice strategies including expansion into new markets, specialties, and segments
  • Managing the medical supply catalog and reviewing for low-cost alternatives, product standardization, and pricing stability
  • Identifying new revenue streams
  • Ensuring practices are rostered to maintain correct pricing
  • Managing onboarding of acquisitions
  • Evaluating new products
  • Training practices on using our website, while managing web access and users
  • Providing strategy on all aspects of the business through monthly business updates and annual strategy meetings
  • Seeking local vendor contracts for lower costs
  • Matching generics to brand-name pharmaceutical items
  • Providing practice solutions for cost savings, revenue generation, and better patient care
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