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Learning About Your Needs

Learning About Your Needs

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Learning About Your Practice or Organization—And the Products and Issues Affecting Them

No two patients are alike. They might share common symptoms or have similar medical histories, but you tailor your diagnosis and treatment to each patient you serve.

In the same way, Henry Schein tailors its service to the specific needs of each customer. As your partner, we look at a number of factors affecting your business, including:

  • The type of care you provide
  • The demographics of your patient population
  • Other players in your market

We're known as health care distribution experts, but that's because we know health care. We stay abreast of the latest trends, regulations, and compliance changes that can affect your practice, and we make recommendations to help you stay profitable and competitive.

In addition, we evaluate new products and identify new offerings and innovations that can help you improve patient outcomes. Henry Schein partners with over 3,000 suppliers in the health care industry.

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