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Practice Efficiency

Practice Efficiency

Practice Efficiency for Podiatry Practices - Henry Schein Medical

Improved Patient Outcomes Starts with Running an Efficient Practice

Advancements in medical technology are paving the way for podiatry practices to achieve business sustainability, profitability, and patient satisfaction. Henry Schein Medical Foot & Ankle offers a comprehensive portfolio of podiatric supplies and solutions to not only ensure healthy patient outcomes, but also help you run an efficient practice.

Yosi Health

Long wait times, insufficient communication, and disorganization are just a few causes of a negative patient experience. A standard procedure within a medical setting is to have patients fill out intake forms as they wait for their scheduled appointment time. This routine task can cause overcrowded waiting rooms and expose patients to an increased volume of pathogens.

The waiting room of the future is here, it's time to discover Yosi Health.

Yosi Health's main offerings include:

  • Self-scheduling and Communication
  • Digital Check-in & Patient Intake
  • Patient Queue Management

To learn more about Yosi Health, click here.

Yosi Health - Henry Schein Medical


The modern patient journey begins online with in-depth searches to find the best health care provider, read reviews, and schedule an appointment. Ensuring your podiatry practice has an extensive digital presence is key to growing your business—but requires time and attention that could be used to treat patients. PatientPop is an all-in-one patient growth solution that'll help your practice stay competitive without having to lift a finger. The holistic marketing software can enhance and personalize every digital touchpoint along the patient journey to allow you to focus on patient care.

PatientPop's main features include:

  • Promoting your practice with a custom website and SEO
  • Attract new patients with online booking
  • Long-term retention of patients with automated appointment confirmations, questionnaires, and marketing campaigns

To learn more about PatientPop, click here.

CueSquared MobilePay™

Over the last 5 years, average annual deductibles have dramatically increased. Patients are becoming more responsible for a greater portion of their medical costs through coinsurance and co-pays, creating an influx on patient collections. This large revenue cycle challenge could create a financial strain on your podiatry practice.

CueSquared Mobile Pay™ implements a self-pay collection strategy by converting patient statement data into actionable SMS text-based statements. Within hours of receiving a MobilePay™ notification, patients can make payments to accelerate cash, reduce costs to collect, all while providing a streamlined patient experience.

CueSquared Mobile Pay can help by:

  • Accelerating payments
  • Increasing patient revenue
  • Reducing collection costs

To learn more about CueSquared MobilePay, click here.

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