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Dimension® Xpand® Plus Integrated Chemistry System

Dimension® Xpand® Plus Integrated Chemistry System

The Dimension Xpand Plus integrated chemistry system combines chemistry, STAT, and specialty testing on a single, compact, easy–to–use system.

  • Full–range integrated capability in the smallest footprint for an instrument of its capabilities
  • True integration of chemistry and immunoassay provides uncompromised throughput
  • Built–in automation provides the confidence that anyone can run any test at any time
  • Full disease–state profiling on a single analyzer – over 90 methods and growing
  • The most commonly ordered panels from a single sample

Dimension® Xpand® Plus Integrated Chemistry System Features & Benefits

Full-range integrated capability for maximum efficiency in a compact space

"The Siemens ISD assays on the Dimension® Systems provide a number of advantages, including decreased turnaround time—instead of batching samples, which can take two or three hours to perform, we can run samples (in random access) in about 30 minutes."

Raffick Bowen, MT(CSMLS), PhD, DCIChem, FCACB, DABCC
Stanford Univesity Medical Center

Compact yet powerful

  • Comprehensive menu – over 90% of critical methods
  • 47 methods onboard concurrently

True Integration

  • Simultaneous immunoassay and chemistry processing
  • One sample area
  • Common reagent area


  • No reagent or sample preparation
  • Load-and-go reagents without instrument pause
  • Low calibration frequency
  • Minimal maintenance

Built–in Automation

  • Auto rerun at lab–defined "panic" values
  • Lab–defined auto–dilution without operator involvement
  • Automatic reflex testing
  • Autocalibration for electrolytes
  • Sample level sense warns of low volumes prior to processing
  • Patented cuvette system automatically produces and seals cuvettes

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