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EMS Ultrasound

EMS Ultrasound

EMS Ultrasound Options - Henry Schein Medical EMS

EMS Ultrasound Options for Fast, Accurate Diagnosis

Every EMS call presents a potential time-sensitive emergency condition requiring fast, accurate diagnosis and care. Thanks to the technology of prehospital ultrasound and its applications, prehospital professionals may be enabled to answer focused clinical questions about a patient.1

Henry Schein Medical EMS offers prehospital ultrasound devices and accessories from brands you trust.

GE Medical Systems Vscan Extend™ - Henry Schein Medical

The Vscan Extend™ from GE Medical Systems is a handheld, pocket-sized ultrasound system that empowers health care professionals to make focused assessments and accelerate treatment decisions at the point of care. It fits in the palm of your hand and is easy to use like a smartphone, helping you take decisive action, refer patients quickly, optimize the course of treatment and reduce the overall cost of care.

Features and benefits:

  • It fits in your pocket, so you have it readily available for various exams, including abdominal, cardiology, lung, obstetric, urinary/bladder, liver, kidney, and vascular scanning.
  • Dual probe (linear and sector transducers in a single probe) allows for shallow and deep views in a wide variety of exam types and clinical applications. Sector probe only version also available.
  • Access to GE Marketplace to download Vscan Extend apps, including workflow, productivity, and clinical apps.
  • The easy-to-use design resembles a smartphone with a minimized number of keys.
Terason uSmart 3200T NexGen Ultrasound - Henry Schein Medical

The uSmart 3200T NexGen Ultrasound from Terason is designed to help uncover and treat life-threatening conditions that may otherwise go unnoticed and to help traumatic triage situations that require quick decision-making and treatment.

The device is a tablet that weighs less than five pounds, making it easy for transport, and uses SuperHarmonic™ imaging capabilities for quick processing speeds. It also consists of an intuitive touchscreen design for fast and efficient operation. Assets include customized presets, fast boot-up, grab-and-go portability, long battery life, and Wi-Fi capabilities. Remote connectivity enables communication with locations where patients are being transported for medical assistance.

More Information:

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