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Firefighter Rehab

Firefighter Rehab

Firefighter Rehab Products - Henry Schein Medical EMS

Firefighter Rehab Products to Keep Your Personnel at Their Best

Firefighter "maintenance" is just as essential as the maintenance of a firehouse's equipment and vehicles. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 1584, the Standard on the Rehabilitation Process for Members During Emergency Operations and Training Exercises, is designed to promote a safe emergency incident environment and ensure long careers for its personnel.

According to the leading firefighter resource FireRescue1, the standard also addresses nine vital elements of firefighter rehab1:

  • Responder accountability (Who's in rehab?)
  • EMS treatment as needed
  • Relief from climatic conditions
  • Calorie and electrolyte replacement
  • Rehydration (fluid replacement)
  • Medical monitoring
  • Active or passive cooling or warming as needed
  • Rest and recovery
  • Release procedures (Who's left rehab, and where did they go?)

Henry Schein Medical EMS offers the equipment you need for a complete firefighter rehab program.

Oxygen Monitoring - Henry Schein Medical
Oxygen Monitoring
Burn Treatment and Cooling Supplies - Henry Schein Medical
Burn Treatment and Cooling Supplies
Hydration - Henry Schein Medical
Soot Removal - Henry Schein Medical
Soot Removal

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