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Nitronox® - Henry Schein Medical EMS

Porter Nitronox® Field Unit: Portable, Demand-Flow Nitrous Oxide and Analgesia System

Nitronox® - Henry Schein Medical

Whether at the scene of an injury or during transport, your patient may be suffering from pain. Patient-administered nitrox is safe and effective in the prehospital setting.1

The Nitronox® Field Unit provides convenient, safe, and effective non-opioid pain relief with on-the-spot inhalation analgesia for suffering patients at the scene of an injury and during transport. Advanced features designed to protect your patients include:

  • A preset 50/50 mixture that cannot be adjusted by the patient or medical personnel, eliminating the risk of a patient receiving a hypoxic mixture
  • An oxygen-driven pressure control that immediately shuts off N2O when oxygen-supply depletion is detected
  • A continuous alarm that sounds should the device fall out of calibration or experience N2O depletion
  • The automatic increase of O2 concentration in the event of shallow breathing (100–200 cc tidal volume)
  • A patient handheld supply valve activated only by inspiratory effort
  • Full O2 capability, providing 100% oxygen to the patient in the event of N2O depletion

The Nitronox Field Unit conveniently connects to a small portable N2O cylinder and your existing O2 supply.

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