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Automating our patient appointment reminders was a great decision. It has allowed us to devote more time to caring for our patients and performing other tasks. Plus, the reminders are a hit with our patients! They especially love the email reminders.

Eric Braswell,
Perry, GA

Increase Front-Office Productivity

Integrated Henry Schein eServices boost your front office productivity with powerful digital tools that allow your team to get more done in less time. Your team can automate or add efficiencies to tasks such as submitting patient insurance claims, sending appointment reminders, processing patient payments, and updating patient forms. Unparalleled integration between eServices and Dentrix, Easy Dental, and Dentrix Enterprise, improves efficiency and creates the most intuitive workflow possible.

What eServices have to offer

  • Electronic claims and attachments simplify the claims process so you get paid faster
  • Patient billing tools improve cash flow and reduce accounts receivable
  • Patient communication tools reduce no-shows, streamline patient check-in, and promote your practice online
  • With eServices Suites you can bundle eServices with your Dentrix or Easy Dental customer service plan to save money

eServices are for dentists who want

  • To ensure the growth and profitability of their practice
  • To add tools that increase office productivity
  • To become a digital dental office

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