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Fluoridex® Daily Defense Toothpaste


Fluoridex® Daily Defense Toothpaste

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Fluoridex is a prescription line of oral hygiene solutions, available exclusively through dental professionals. Fluoridex toothpastes contain 1.1% neutral sodium fluoride, concentrated at 5000ppm — more than four times the active ingredient of non-prescription brands. When you prescribe Fluoridex to your patients, you offer them professional-strength fluoride protection for superior defense against caries. Fluoride — the active ingredient in Fluoridex products — has been shown to: — Inhibit demineralization and bacterial activity — Prevent and control dental caries — Provide greater enamel resistance — Enhance remineralization Fluoridex is offered in a range of formulas to suit the needs of every patient: Daily Defense, Sensitivity Relief, Sensitivity Relief SLS Free, Whitening, and a Stannous Fluoride Rinse.

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