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Henry Schein Dental Practice Analysis

Uncover opportunities in your practice.

The Henry Schein Practice Analysis offers real time insights into the dental practice. Maximize critical key performance indicators (KPI’s), increase practice revenue, and boost operational performance.

Hygiene Recall Opportunity

Did you know that 65% of restorative dentistry in a dental practice stems from active hygiene patients The Hygiene Re-care Opportunity report plays a critical role in supporting dental practices by emphasizing the importance of a healthy and productive hygiene re-care program. Ensuring that each re-care patient is scheduled can significantly impact the overall success of a practice. Beneficial outcomes include:

  • Practice Stability – A well-managed hygiene re-care program serves as the backbone of a dental practice. Maintain a consistent schedule of re-care patients allow practices to ensure a stable and predictable revenue stream.
  • Patient Engagement – Maintain the oral health of patients and foster strong patient relationships.
  • Early Detection & Prevention – Promote early detection of potential dental issues, which can often result in timelier and cost-effective treatments for patients.

Periodontal Opportunity

The Periodontal Opportunity report is essential for dental practices to address the significant prevalence of periodontal disease amongst patients. By closely monitoring patients who are off track for their periodontal re-care schedule, dental practices can ensure that they provide timely and effective treatment to prevent further complications.

  • Public Health Concern – The CDC reports that 45% of adults aged 30 and older have some form of periodontal disease.
  • Case Acceptance – Learn how you can effectively improve or create Soft Tissue Management Program in your practice and get your patients to say YES to treatment.
  • Revenue Generation – Uncover lost revenue opportunity and gain a better understanding of what % of your patient base should be current in a Soft Tissue Management Program.

Major Films Opportunity

Maintain a high standard of care by monitoring and evaluating radiology protocols. Consistent dental radiography is crucial for early detection and treatment of potential oral health issues, ensuring that patients receive the best possible care. By focusing on radiology protocol adherence, dental practices can improve patient outcomes, enhance patient satisfaction, and uphold the quality of their services. The Major Films Opportunity report identifies the number of patients that receive a Full Mouth Series or Panoramic Radiograph compared to the number of patients that were due for major films.

Exams Opportunity

This report is a tool designed to help dental practices keep patients on track for regular dental examinations. These regular checkups play a crucial role in patient engagement, proper oral care, and timely diagnosis of potential oral health issues.

  • Patient Engagement – regular dental examination help keep patients engaged with their oral health.
  • Preventative Care – Provide an opportunity for early detection of potential oral health issues.
  • Revenue Generation – Regular examinations represent a consistent revenue stream for dental practices and uncovers new treatment opportunities.

Unscheduled Treatment Opportunity

Address outstanding treatment that has been presented but remains unscheduled. Establishing a consistent unscheduled treatment process is essential to ensure that patients receive the care they need while also maximizing practice revenue and maintaining a full schedule.

Broken Appointment Opportunity

Identify and follow up with patients who have cancelled or missed their appointment by proactively addressing broken appointments. Uncover what percentage of your active patients have existing treatment plans but did not visit the practice for their last visit.