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Simplify Revenue Cycle Management with eAssist

Simplify Revenue Cycle Management with eAssist

Simplify Your Cash Flow with eAssist

Simplify Revenue Cycle Management with eAssist

Created by dentists for dentists, this unique dental billing service allows the front-desk team to dedicate more time to patient care and treatment planning

Created to relieve dental practices from the burden of liaising with insurance companies, eAssist allows practices to off-load revenue cycle management so that they can have the cash flow necessary to keep them in business.

“If somebody's not there collecting the insurance by sending and following up on claims, the cash flow in a dental office ceases to exist,” said Sandy Odle, who cofounded eAssist with Dr. James Anderson. “With eAssist, dentists don't have to wonder when they’re going to have money coming in, or who should send out patient insurance claims if their office manager can't.”

The dental billing experts on the eAssist platform have an average of 10 years of dental knowledge and experience. “We have the best of the best in the dental field,” said Odle. “By going out and finding the best, we can provide dental practices with people who are well trained and are able to step in and help practices manage their cash flow.”

eAssist matches each office with dental billing experts that know their practice management software. Each valued client gets a team of experts who become an integral part of the dental team. “They really care about the dental practice and build relationships with the doctors, staff, and patients,” explained Odle.

Streamline Your Dental Billing

eAssist serves practices of all sizes and specialties and has a wide range of revenue cycle management services to give practice owners peace of mind. One of these services is Patient Billing, where eAssist works to collect any balances that remain after the insurance company has paid their percentage of a claim.

“Sometimes, the front-office team isn’t comfortable having post-treatment financial conversations. It's tough for them to ask their patients for money, and they don’t want to damage the relationships they’ve built over the years,” said Odle. “When there is a balance left or the insurance doesn't pay what the patient expected, the eAssist team of experts reaches out to the patient to answer questions regarding their financial obligation—especially if they're caught off guard by having a balance in the first place.”

With eAssist, dental practices can count on consistency. eAssist dental billing experts submit clean claims within 24 hours to keep cash flow consistent and timely. “Our dental billing experts review every claim that is sent to the insurance companies for accuracy and then follow up, when necessary, to collect 100% of what the practice is rightfully owed on each claim," concluded Odle.


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