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What to look for at the Zahn Expo from Dr. Rella Christensen

What to look for at the Zahn Expo from Dr. Rella Christensen

What to look for at the Zahn Expo from Dr. Rella Christensen

April 25, 2019 | Dr. Rella Christensen

Are you thinking about attending the Zahn Expo in West Palm Beach? We have some outstanding continuing education events lined up for the event, including Dr. Rella Christensen’s Keynote, ZIRCONIA—New independent clinical research shows it is the performance “superstar!”

Dr. Christensen’s course explains that dentistry is in the age of zirconia! Zirconia has literally revolutionized the laboratory industry. It has also taken over chairside, and hardly a day passes in many dental practices when at least one zirconia crown is not seated. BUT WHAT DO WE REALLY KNOW ABOUT ZIRCONIA?

Did you know that all zirconia is not the same? Do you know the different types and formulations available for patients today, and the indications and contraindications for each? Dr. Christensen’s program answers frequently asked questions such as:

  • How does zirconia compare clinically to other esthetic crown materials?
  • What do the strength numbers in ads mean clinically?
  • Does zirconia have disadvantages?
  • What is the future of zirconia?

This keynote will provide this information along with useful quick-read handouts you can refer to back home while making product decisions.

Zirconia exploded on the scene in 2009, received immediate acceptance, and has gone on to replace the PFM in most dental treatments, with virtually NO clinical research in place to support this change! This is unprecedented in dentistry!

This happened so fast that even today, nine years later, no one worldwide knows how long to predict zirconia restorations will serve or their expected failure mode. This program reports on the only 9-year clinical investigation now including 17 different popular zirconia brands, over 100 practicing dentists from 30+ U.S. states, and over 1000 molar crowns which have been recalled yearly. We have learned a lot from this work which is highly important to share with dentists, patients, and laboratory technicians.

We hope to see you in Florida! For more information, visit: