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Shenpaz Sintra CS

The Shenpaz Sintra CS is a compact and fast sintering furnace. It's an open system and is programmable to a wide range of zirconia materials.

Features & Benefits:

  • Sinter crowns in under 23 minutes
  • An extra wide table (70mm) allows for a sintering capacity of 5 individuals crowns or a bridge of up to 7 crowns
  • Holds up to 3 stackable trays
  • No installation needed, just plug & play
  • Very convenient access, for loading and unloading of crowns
  • Large touch screen
  • Easy and simple to use graphical user interface

Technical Specifications:

Max Temperature 1750
Max Sintering Temperature 1600
Temperature Ramp* 10 °C per second
Programmable Steps Unlimited
Number of Programs 3
Weight ~43Kg
Width x Height x Depth (mm) 313 x 610 x 375
Net Port Connection WiFi, Rj45
Power Consumption 1800W
Net Dimensions 70mm
Line Voltage AC 100V – 240V
Power Frequency 50/60Hz

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Shenpaz Sintra CS

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  1. Sintra CS Sintering Furnace 230V/60Hz Ea Sintra CS Sintering Furnace 230V/60Hz Ea

    Sintra CS Sintering Furnace 230V/60Hz Ea 7270603LL | Shenpaz Dental Ltd — GPF187A-US