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CIM System - MillBox

CIM System - MillBox

MillBox CAM software brings everything that a dental lab needs to maximize their production and provide the total solution for milling any dental restoration with any material.

MillBox's easy to navigate software has simplified a variety of processes including nesting and toolpath creation process. These enhancements enable technicians to increase production capacity while saving time which produces a significant return on the digital equipment investment.

Key features of MillBox 2022

Thickness Analysis

MillBox can analyze the thickness of your restorations during nesting to avoid manufacturing defects due to bad design.

Change Insertion Directions

Dynamically adjust your milling insertion path for crown & bridge cases and minimize undercuts and ensure the best fit

Automatic Emergence Profile Detection

Detect the emergence profile even on hybrid abutments. MillBox will automatically produce a smoother finish where the abutment comes into contact with the gingiva.

90 Degree Milling

Minimize tool and material usage while increasing surface finish quality (requires an open face C-clamp fixture for your machine). Use the built in Simulation Tool to ensure precise and safe milling. All axes utilized within your machine to produce parts with unparalleled facial details with little to no post processing needed.

Improved Margin Line Detection

MillBox's automatic margin detection for low quality STL files you can quickly and easily mark your margins.

Obstruction Removal

Automatically detect and fix errors on the STL mesh that would otherwise cause milling problems eliminating the need for third party CAD software or file correction utilities.

Download the CIM Systems brochure

Download the CIM Systems brochure for a full list of features including Barcode Scanning, Smart Support Pins, Targeted Machining, Thickness Analyzing and more