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CIM System - MillBox

CIM System - MillBox

MillBox CAM software brings everything that a dental lab needs to maximize their production and provide the total solution for milling any dental restoration with any material.

MillBox's easy to navigate software has simplified a variety of processes including nesting and toolpath creation process. These enhancements enable technicians to increase production capacity while saving time which produces a significant return on the digital equipment investment.

Key features of MillBox 2020

Intelligent Stock Selection

MillBox analyzes existing materials and will suggest the disk with the least amount of space remaining that can still fit all the restorations that have been imported in the job. Stock selection keeps your focus on exhausting previously used material before allocating a new stock for milling.

Queued Import of Restorations

MillBox can load up to 14 files for import at the same time which enables technicians to spend less time nesting. While the software loads in the background, MillBox's interface remains unlocked enabling technicians to select additional files for import — even if they are different object types.

Mobile Notifications

MillBox can now send mobile notifications when a milling machine changes its state. You'll be notified when a job has been successfully completed or when an error has occurred.

Download the CIM Systems brochure

Download the CIM Systems brochure for a full list of features including Barcode Scanning, Smart Support Pins, Targeted Machining, Thickness Analyzing and more