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KeyPrint® 3D Printing Resins

KeyPrint® 3D Printing Resins

KeyPrint® 3D Resins

In an industry that is increasingly defined by the ability to innovate, adapt, and produce consistent results, Keystone Industries is proud to introduce KeyPrint®—a new line of precision 3D resins specifically formulated for the dental industry.

Keystone has combined its unique blend of dental and photopolymer expertise to deliver the highest-quality 3D printing resins to the dental market. Not only has Keystone been manufacturing premium dental products since 1908, but it has decades of experience as a leading producer of biocompatible, cutting-edge, patented photopolymer resins.

Entirely designed and produced in the USA, the full KeyPrint® line of materials will be available throughout North America and Europe. These high-quality resins are designed for use in DLP printers using wavelengths from 385–405 nm and yield accurate, stable, and strong printed parts.

Keystone is profiling 3D printers on an ongoing basis to ensure our KeyPrint® resins work reliably in multiple open source printers. Keystone will work with your company's specific printer needs to optimize the printer settings to work with KeyPrint® resins.

Validated Printers:

  • Roland SOL 3D
  • Envision One
  • D4K Pro
  • SprintRay Pro 55
  • SprintRay Pro 95
  • Asiga Pro 4K 80
  • Asiga Max UV

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