Katana™ Zirconia ML (Multi-Layered)

Zirconia is a pre-shaded, pre-colored layered disc from Noritake that can provide highly aesthetic results while minimizing the production process in the laboratory. Because of these multilayers, technicians are able to achieve natural tooth colors by only polishing or glazing the final restoration; no dipping or staining of the crowns are necessary.

Katana ML Features

  • Pre-shaded zirconia disc consisting of four pre-colored layers
  • Easy Handling: Polish or Glaze after Sintering
  • Ideal for full contour crowns and bridges
  • Flexural Strength: 1100 MPa
  • Low Monoclinic Transformation
  • CZR Low Fusing Porcelain can be applied

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  Katana Zirconia ML (Multi-Layered)

Katana™ Zirconia HT (High Translucency)

Zirconia discs are pre-shaded, translucent, and can be used for fabricating full contour crowns, bridges, veneers, frameworks, inlays, and onlays. Katana HT delivers anesthetic appearance, high flexural strength, fracture resistance, exceptional durability, and easy milling properties with precision.

Katana HT Features

  • Highly aesthetic pre-shaded zirconia discs
  • CZR Porcelain/CZR Press LF recommended for layering
  • 1110 MPa

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  Katana Zirconia HT (High Translucency)

Katana™ UTML and STML

Ultra Translucent Multi-Layered and Super Translucent Multi-Layered zirconia is specialized for fabricating full-contour zirconia crowns. Available for a full-color variation in high translucency, KATANA helps dental professionals create crowns with a higher esthetic level. All of the layers are highly translucent, with the chroma in the incisal reduced to express the translucency of natural tooth enamel. KATANA™ Zirconia UTML and STML come in 98.5mm discs in a variety of thicknesses.

Katana™ STML Super Translucent Multi-Layered
Ideal for anterior or posterior crown restorations, both chroma and translucency are gradated from incisal to the cervical region. Less translucency in the cervical region minimizes the effect of the abutment color and the chromatic and translucency gradations reproduce esthetic enamel and dentine effects.

Katana™ UTML Ultra Translucent Multi-Layered
Ideal for anterior crown or veneer restorations, achieve that high level of translucency required for a natural look with surrounding teeth and prevent noticeably white and unnatural appearance. Suitable for treating cases in which it is desirable to utilize abutment color to enhance final results.

KATANA Zirconia UTML and STML features:

  • Enamel-Like Translucency (UT/UTML)
  • Chromatic Multi-Layer
  • Translucent Multi-Layer
  • Highly Esthetic and Functional
  • Outstanding Durability
  • Easy Milling and Storage
  • Cost-Effective and Time-Saving
  • 30% Stronger than Lithium Disilicate restorations
  • Can be layered with CZR Enamels and Lusters

UTML Standard Shades:
Ideal for full-contour crowns—16 new UTML shades are specially developed for a natural look with surrounding teeth.

UTML Enamel Shades:
Ideal for anterior crown, veneer, and inlay/onlay restorations—The Enamel Shades have reduced chroma in the upper layer, which allows you to enhance the translucency appearance of the incisal area, as desired, by utilizing external stain characterization.

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Katana STML

Katana STML Perspective

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