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About hyperDENT® Software

About hyperDENT® Software

hyperDENT® CAM Software for Optimal Milling Workloads

hyperDENT® CAM Software

hyperDENT® is an open, highly automated, and flexible CAM software that can be used with a wide variety of different dental milling machines. It offers intuitive operation, maximum precision, and efficiency throughout the entire workflow.

High-grade security mechanisms enable a reliable production process for generating complex and stable tool paths like having patented peeling strategies for glass ceramic, which offer perfect surface quality along with maximized tool life. When combined with modules such as the Template Generator Module, the milling strategy parameters can be adjusted and optimized for a specific machine, saving you and your lab time and money.

The Flexibility of hyperDENT® Options

Build on your offerings with hyperDENT® Options, additional modules that can be added to hyperDENT® Compact as well as hyperDENT® Classic licenses, enabling the CAM software to perfectly match user requirements. Individual modules can be added easily at any time, including Template Generator Module, Hybrid Module, Implant Module, and Denture Module.