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Clear Aligner Studio

Clear Aligner Studio

Clear Aligner Studio

Clear aligners represent one of the fastest growing areas within dentistry. Newly expired patents and digital technologies have opened new opportunities for labs to enter this highly profitable market by incorporating clear aligners into their offering. 3Shape Dental System makes this easy through powerful clear aligner software and flexible options for design and production.

Easily design clear aligner treatments

Clear Aligner Studio's automated features and guided workflow make it easy to generate the setups for each aligner required to move teeth from their original position and until the desired smile.

NEW Full treatment control

Get more control over tooth movements and improved visualization with enhanced setup and staging.

NEW Increase your efficiency

Save time and increase efficiency with new automated features such as ID tagging, attachment placement and sizing, and more.

Flexible design and production

Clear Aligner Studio is compatible with a wide range of 3D printers and vacuum forming machines.

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